The Positive Breastfeeding Book : Everything You Need to Feed Your Baby with Confidence (1ST)


The Positive Breastfeeding Book : Everything You Need to Feed Your Baby with Confidence (1ST)

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Full Description

How often does my baby really need to feed?How do I know my baby is getting enough?Is it normal for my baby to wake at night?When you're expecting a new baby, suddenly everyone around you becomes an expert - particularly when it comes to how to feed them. It is easy to become overwhelmed by conflicting advice, myths and exaggerated stories.The Positive Breastfeeding Book cuts through the anecdotes, giving you clear, no-judgement, non-preachy, evidence-based information to help you make the right decisions for you and your baby. It will help you understand how breastfeeding works, and supports you in developing strategies to make sure that whilst you're looking after the baby, you're getting taken care of too.Jam-packed with everything you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding (and a whole lot you never knew you did!), it will take you through tips for planning for your baby's arrival, coping with those early months, and knowing what to do and where to seek help if challenges come up. It will guide you through feeding in public, going back to work, and even rediscovering a glass of wine.You'll find plenty of real stories and guidance throughout from mothers and experts in supporting breastfeeding. There are handy chapters on formula and mixed feeding, which cut through advertising spiel and give you the facts you need to choose and use formula safely. The Positive Breastfeeding Book doesn't promise to make it easy, nor will it get up in the middle of the night for you, but it will empower you with the knowledge and encouragement you need to feed your baby with confidence.

Table of Contents

Who to contact for breastfeeding support and       1  (6)
Introduction 7 (3)
Chapter 1 Why bother with breastfeeding? 10 (14)
Chapter 2 Getting clued up and finding your 24 (23)
Chapter 3 How long should I breastfeed for? 47 (9)
Chapter 4 Your brand new baby 56 (23)
Chapter 5 Making enough milk 79 (17)
Chapter 6 How fast should my baby be 96 (16)
Chapter 7 The fourth trimester: caring for 112(9)
your baby in the early weeks
Chapter 8 What does normal baby behaviour 121(23)
look like?
Chapter 9 How can family and friends 144(25)
support you?
Chapter 10 Getting the professional support 169(7)
you need
Chapter 11 Returning to normal... or, more 176(8)
realistically, your new normal
Chapter 12 Can I breastfeed and... 184(8)
Chapter 13 Breastfeeding and how you feel 192(8)
about your body
Chapter 14 Troubleshooting 200(21)
Chapter 15 Everything feels so tough, I'm 221(4)
not sure I want to continue
Chapter 16 I'm finding breastfeeding so 225(10)
difficult but I want to carry on
Chapter 17 Breastfeeding multiples 235(14)
Chapter 18 Feeding a premature baby 249(18)
Chapter 19 Expressing your milk 267(18)
Chapter 20 Breastfeeding if you or your 285(7)
baby are in hospital
Chapter 21 Breastfeeding a child with 292(18)
health complications
Chapter 22 Breastfeeding in emergency 310(7)
Chapter 23 Relactation, induced lactation 317(11)
and LGBTQ feeding
Chapter 24 Breastfeeding your older baby 328(12)
Chapter 25 Breastfeeding through pregnancy 340(5)
and tandem feeding
Chapter 26 Introducing solids to your 345(11)
breastfed baby
Chapter 27 Giving your baby a bottle of 356(7)
Chapter 28 Ending your breastfeeding journey 363(9)
Chapter 29 Some final words of encouragement 372(6)
Acknowledgements 378(1)
Further resources 379(11)
Index 390