Building a Winning Culture in Government : A Blueprint for Delivering Success in the Public Sector


Building a Winning Culture in Government : A Blueprint for Delivering Success in the Public Sector

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Full Description

#1 Amazon New Release! Building Successful GovernmentGovernment Culture - Our government organizations face political fallout, media scrutiny, reduced funding, and the many challenges involved in motivating large, multi-layered and highly regulated organizations. It's no surprise that many government organizations report that their employees are less engaged than ever and that leaders feel helpless to change the situation. In many cases, employees and government leaders are caught in a vicious cycle. Performance declines, scrutiny increases, and employee paralysis ensues.How do you break this cycle and begin building successful government? You change the mindset from "leaders are a select few in the organization" to "everyone can and should be a leader." This simple shift is key to building successful government organizations in the 21st century. If every member of the organization is a leader, it enables government organizations to leverage the power of five highly effective and proven FranklinCovey practices that have made private sector organizations successful and are now bringing about positive change in public sector organizations.Five highly effective practices that you will learn in Building a Winning Culture in Government: These five practices will transform your government organization into one that is more responsive to the public interest and provide a more rewarding, less stressful, and overall better life for your employees:Practice 1: Lead with purpose and find your organization's mission, mantra, or manifesto: An engaging mission must appeal to people's passionate interests, leverage their distinctive talents, satisfy the conscience, and meet a compelling market need. You will learn how to find the voice of the organization and connect and align accordingly.Practice 2: Make the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People your organization's operating system: Move the 7 Habits to the next level by learning how to execute your strategy with excellence and precision using the "4 Disciplines of Execution". Learn the significance of "wildly important goals", "lead measures", creating a "compelling scoreboard" and a "cadence of accountability".Practice 3: Unleash and engage people to do infinitely more than you imagined they could: You will learn the process for building successful government and reducing stress within your team by applying a system that enables you to "Act on the Important, Don't React to the Urgent".Practice 4: Inspire trust and be the most trusted organization possible: Trust is the great accelerator. Where trust is high, everything is faster and less complicated, and where trust is low, everything is slower, costlier, and encumbered with suspicion.Practice 5: Create intense loyalty with all stakeholders: Loyal workers and loyal customers are worth gold. Mission Essential: Building a Winning Culture in Government will help government leaders create lasting change in their organizations build a culture of passion and excellence, serve the public interest, provide satisfaction to team members, and create a better life for everyone involved.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       1  (3)
Chapter 1 An Increasingly Pressurized 4 (8)
Chapter 2 The Paradigm: Leadership Is a 12 (30)
Choice, Not Just a Position
It Starts With Culture 12 (2)
Culture That Stays on Track 14 (3)
A Culture That Is Derailed With Bad 17 (2)
The Challenge of Human Capital 19 (7)
Being Deliberate in Building Culture 26 (2)
The People Behind the Activities 28 (6)
How to Effectively Change Behaviors 34 (2)
Five Key Practices to Success 36 (6)
Chapter 3 The Need for Leaders at Every 42 (14)
A Brief History of Leadership and 43 (6)
Everyone Leads 49 (7)
Chapter 4 The Operating System That Builds 56 (41)
Effective Leaders at Every Level
The 7 Habits in Our Operating System 56 (8)
Given a Choice, Would People Choose to 64 (1)
Follow You?
Habit 1 Be Proactive: Take Initiative and 65 (4)
Responsibility for Results
Habit 2 Begin With the End in Mind: Gain 69 (5)
a Clear Sense of Mission
Habit 3 Put First Things First: Focus on 74 (3)
Getting the Right Things Done
Habit 4 Think Win-Win: Provide Mutual 77 (1)
Benefit by Respectfully Seeking to
Benefit Others as Well as Yourself
Habit 5 Seek First to Understand, Then to 78 (3)
Be Understood: Empathize in Order to
Understand People and Their Perspectives
Habit 6 Synergize: Leverage the Gifts and 81 (3)
Resources of Other People
Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw: Keep Getting 84 (2)
Better and More Capable; Never Stand Still
Putting It All Together: Installing the 7 86 (3)
Habits as Your Personal Operating System
The 7 Habits Operating System: 89 (8)
Instructions for Downloading
Chapter 5 Practice 1: Lead With Purpose 97 (20)
Find the Voice of the Organization 99 (4)
Designing an Engaging Mission 103(6)
Get Aligned to the Mission 109(6)
Leading With Purpose: Instructions for 115(2)
Chapter 6 Practice 2: Execute With 117(35)
The 4 Disciplines of Execution 124(1)
Discipline 1: Focus on the Wildly 125(6)
Discipline 2: Act on the Lead Measures 131(1)
Determining Lead Measures 132(2)
Discipline 3: Keep a Compelling Scoreboard 134(7)
Keeping It Going 141(2)
Discipline 4: Create a Cadence of 143(4)
The 4 Disciplines and Team Engagement 147(1)
The 4 Disciplines Takes Flight With the 148(4)
U.S. Navy
Chapter 7 Practice 3: Unleash Productivity 152(38)
Unleashing the Power of People 159(5)
Twenty-First-Century Productivity Barriers 164(1)
Productivity Problem 1 164(2)
Productivity Problem 2 166(1)
Productivity Problem 3 167(10)
Tapping Untold Energies 177(4)
Unleashing Productivity: Instructions for 181(9)
Chapter 8 Practice 4: Inspire Trust 190(21)
Trust---A Performance Multiplier 194(6)
How to Build It: The 5 Waves of Trust 200(1)
Trust Starts With Who You Are 201(4)
Trust Is Strengthened by How You Act 205(1)
Building Trust at Frito-Lay 206(3)
Building Trust: Instructions for 209(2)
Chapter 9 Practice 5: Create Intense Loyalty 211(18)
"Satisfaction"---The Old Paradigm 215(1)
"Intense Loyalty"---The New Paradigm 216(2)
An "Intense Loyalty" App 218(1)
Powerful Lead Measures: Fascinated People 219(3)
A Loss of Productivity: Passionless People 222(1)
Employee Loyalty Leads to Customer Loyalty 222(2)
Moving the Middle 224(2)
The Intensity Zone 226(1)
Creating Intense Loyalty: Instructions 226(3)
for Downloading
Conclusion: The Job For You to Do Now Starts 229(7)
About the Authors 236(2)
Acknowledgments 238