Civil War : Primary Sources (American War Library)

Civil War : Primary Sources (American War Library)

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Full Description

The history of the American Civil War is often remembered as a series of battles and political maneuverings. This volume in Lucent Book's < I>American War Library< /I> attempts to augment that image by focusing on the very personal reflections of those who lived through that tumultuous period. Soldiers, statesmen, and civilians interpreted the Civil War as it unfolded. They wrote letters, editorials, even proclamations that bring to life the excitement, fears, and tragedy of the times to those who study them more than century later.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           5 (2)
A Nation Divided 7 (21)
Opening Moves 28(19)
New Causes, Old Convictions 47(23)
The End of the Confederacy 70(19)
Chronology of Events 89(2)
Index 91(4)
Picture Credits 95(1)
About the Editor 96