Ninevah and Its Remains : A Narrative of an Expedition to Assyria

Ninevah and Its Remains : A Narrative of an Expedition to Assyria

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Full Description

An intoxicating stew of compelling characters and sudden crises during the discovery of the ancient ruins of Nineveh by the foremost archeologist of his time.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       xvix
Dr. Brian Fagan
Chapter I 1 (11)
First journey in Assyria
Its ruins
Kouyunjik, Nimroud, and Kalah Sherghat
M. Botta's discoveries
Return to Mosul
Chapter II 12 (23)
Mohammed Pasha
His cruelties
The state of the country
Start for Nimroud
An Arab family
Commence excavations
Discovery of a chamber
of inscriptions
of ivory ornaments
Return to Mosul
Conduct of the Pasha
Excavations commenced amongst various ruins
Return to Nimroud
Further discoveries
Discovery of sculptures
Description of bas
Interrupted by the Pasha
Further discovery of sculptures
Deposition of the Pasha
Departure for Baghdad
Chapter III 35 (26)
Return to Mosul
Ismail Pasha
Change in the state of the country
Return to Nimroud
The ruins in spring
Excavations resumed
Further discoveries
New interruptions
Sheikh Abd-urrahman and the Abou
Salman Arabs
Fresh bas
reliefs in the north
west corner
Discovery of the principal palace
Entire bas-reliefs
Discovery of the colossal lions
Surprise of the Arabs
Sensation at Mosul, and conduct of the
Pasha and Cadi
Excavations stopped
Further discoveries
Description of the human
headed lions
Reflections on their antiquity and object
The Febour Arabs
Their Sheikhs
Nimroud in March
Description of the plain at sunset
The tunnel of Negoub
An Assyrian inscription
Chapter IV 61 (18)
Preparations for a journey to Al Hather
Gathering of the caravan
Leave Mosul
The desert
Flocks of camels
The Haddedeen Arabs
An Arab repast
An encampment
An Arab tribe moving
The tents of Sofuk
Description of the Shammar Sheikh
His history
Sofuk's harem and wives
His mare
Ride to Al Hather
Arab guides
The ruins of Al Hather
Return to Mosul
Murder of Nejris, and of Sofuk
Chapter V 79 (32)
Discovery of small objects
Pavement of the chambers
An Arab feast
Arrival of Tahyar Pasha
Excavations continued
The summer at Nimroud
A whirlwind
Further discoveries of bas-reliefs
Description of the sculptures
Painted plaster
Receipt of vizirial letter
Excavations at Kouyunjik
Fresh discoveries at Nimroud
Surprise of the Arabs
First collection of sculptures sent to
Visit from Tahyar Pasha
Speculations of the Turks on the sculptures
Remove to Mosul
Discovery of a building in a mound near
New chambers opened at Nimroud
Chapter VI 111 (18)
Departure for the Tiyari mountains
Sheikh Adi
A Kurdish encampment
A Chaldaean village
A Turkish governor
Albanian irregulars
An Albanian chief
The Valley of Berwari
Chaldaean villages
A Kurdish Bey
Chapter VII 129 (47)
A Nestorian house
The massacre
Nestorian priests
Scene of the massacre
A Tiyari bridge
The house of the Melek
The district of Tkhoma
Alarm of the inhabitants
Church service
Tkhoma Gowaia
A Kurdish chief
Pass into Baz
Return to Tkhoma
Roads of Tiyari
Murder of Melek Ismail
Return to Asheetha
Kasha Auraham
A copper mine
A Subashi
A Kurdish saint
Tomb of the prophet Nahum
Rabhan Hormuzd
Telkef and its Christian inhabitants
Return to Mosul
Second massacre in the Nestorian mountains
Capture and exile of Beder Khan Bey
Chapter VIII 176 (49)
Invitation to the feast of the Yezidis
Departure from Mosul
Hussein Bey, the Yezidi chief
The birth of his son
History of the Yezidis
Ride to the tomb of Sheikh Adi
Sheikh Nasr
Description of the tomb
Arrival of Pilgrims
An incident
Sheikh Shems, or the Sun
Votive lamps
Celebration of rites
Yezidi music
The doctrines and religious observances of
the sect
The Evil principle
The probable origin of their rites
Their orders of priesthood
Their language and books
Return to Mosul
Departure for the Sinjar
Abou Maria
Tel Afer
Escape of the Yezidis
The village of Sinjar
Wild asses
Chapter IX 225 (40)
Excavations undertaken by the British Museum
Choice of workmen
houses built at Nimroud
Discovery of bas
Of armour and helmets
Of vases
Of new chambers
Of the obelisk
Discoveries in the south
west corner of the mound
Winged lions
Crouching sphinxes
Discovery of tombs in the south
east corner of the mound
Arab workmen
Mode of irrigation
Customs of the Arabs
Facility of divorce
Arab women
The Tiyari or Chaldaeans
A raft plundered
Seizure of an Arab Sheikh
Departure of sculptures for Busrah
Chapter X 265 (26)
Death of Tahyar Pasha
Discoveries in the north
west palace
Ivory ornaments and cartouches with
Painted chambers
Discovery of upper chambers
Paintings on the walls
Pavement slabs
Discoveries in the centre of the mound
Tombs containing vases and ornaments
Further discoveries in the south
west edifice
Discovery of more tombs in the south
east corner
Of chambers beneath them
Of a vaulted room
Chapter XI 291 (13)
Excavations at Kalah Sherghat
Departure for the ruins
The bitumen pits
My reception
Discovery of a sitting figure
Arab encampment
Arab life
Excavations in the mound
Discovery of tombs
Return to Nimroud
Chapter XII 304 (30)
Artificial irrigation of Assyria
Want of rain
Preparations for the removal of a winged
bull and lion
The cart
Lowering the winged bull
Its removal from the ruins
Excitement of the Arabs
Removal of the lion
Rafts for the transport of the sculptures
to Busrah
Embarkation of the lion and bull
General description of the ruins
Chapter XIII 334
Departure for Nimroud
Excavations at Kouyunjik
Discovery of a palace
General description of the sculptures
Excavations carried on by Mr. Ross
His discoveries
A sculptured slab and sarcophagus
Preparations for my return to Constantinople
Leave Mosul 10