Incident Response : A Strategic Guide to Handling System and Network Security Breaches


Incident Response : A Strategic Guide to Handling System and Network Security Breaches

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Full Description

This book teaches readers what they need to know to not only set up an incident response effort, but also how to improve existing incident response efforts. The book provides a comprehensive approach to incident response, covering everything necessary to deal with all phases of incident response effectively ' spanning from pre-incident conditions and considerations to the end of an incident. Although technical considerations, (e.g. the particular binaries in Unix and Linux and dynamically linked libraries in Windows NT and Windows 2000) that need to be inspected in case they are corrupted, the types of logging data available in major operating systems and how to interpret it to obtain information about incidents, how network attacks can be detected on the basis of information contained in packets, and so on ' the major focus of this book is on managerial and procedural matters. Incident Response advances the notion that without effective management, incident response cannot succeed.

Table of Contents

  An Introduction to Incident Response             1  (20)
Risk Analysis 21 (22)
A Methodology for Incident Response 43 (30)
Forming and Managing an Incident Response Team 73 (28)
Organizing for Incident Response 101(18)
Tracing Network Intrusions 119(22)
Legal Issues 141(18)
Forensics I 159(16)
Forensics II 175(14)
Responding to Insider Attacks 189(18)
The Human Side of Incident Response 207(40)
Traps and Deceptive Measures 247(26)
Furture Directions in Incident Response 273(20)
A RFC-2196 293(62)
B Incident Response and Reporting Checklist 355