The Jews and the Expansion of Europe to the West, 1450-1800 (European Expansion and Global Interaction, 2)

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The Jews and the Expansion of Europe to the West, 1450-1800 (European Expansion and Global Interaction, 2)

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Full Description

"This impressive volume shows that the history of minorities - specifically that of a diaspora - can open up completely new perspectives on the 'great' questions and developments of general history." * Zeitschrift fur Geschichtswissenschaft "...this magnificent and much-needed volume remarkably free, factual or interpretive." * American Jewish History "The age-old tension between value-free history and history with a moral is implicit throughout this fine volume." * The Jerusalem Report "A substantial contribution to the scholarship on Indian [Native-American]-European relations ...Specialists will find new nuggets to challenge existing interpretations, while readers new to the topic will find useful introductions and more detailed case studies that give some idea of the current issues under scholarly debate. All readers will experience the benefits of looking at one topic comparatively across vast amounts of space and time." * Itinerario Jews and Judaism played a significant role in the history of the expansion of Europe to the west as well as in the history of the economic, social, and religious development of the New World.They played an important role in the discovery, colonization, and eventually exploitation of the resources of the New World. Alone among the European peoples who came to the Americas in the colonial period, Jews were dispersed throughout the hemisphere; indeed, they were the only cohesive European ethnic or religious group that lived under both Catholic and Protestant regimes, which makes their study particularly fruitful from a comparative perspective. As distinguished from other religious or ethnic minorities, the Jewish struggle was not only against an overpowering and fierce nature but also against the political regimes that ruled over the various colonies of the Americas and often looked unfavorably upon the establishment and tleration of Jewish communities in their own territory. Jews managed to survive and occasionally to flourish against all odds, and their history in the Americas is one of the more fascinating chapters in the early modern history of European expansion. Paolo Bernardini was a Fellow of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study and of the Royal Historical Society. Currently he is Resident Director of the Padova Program, Boston University.Norman Fiering is the author of two books that were awarded the Merle Curti Prize for Intellectual History by the Organization of American Historians and of numerous articles. Since 1983, he has been Director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.

Table of Contents

        List of Illustrations                      viii
Preface xi
Norman Fiering
A Milder Colonization: Jewish Expansion 1 (26)
to the New World, and the New World in
the Jewish Consciousness of the Early
Modern Era
Paolo Bernardini
I. The Old New World: Ideas and
Representations of America in European and
Jewish Consciousness and Intellectual History
Biblical History and the Americans: The 27 (20)
Legend of Solomon's Ophir, 1492--1591
James Romm
Knowledge of Newly Discovered Lands among 47 (26)
Jewish Communities of Europe (from 1492 to
the Thirty Years' War)
Noah J. Efron
Jewish Scientists and the Origin of Modern 73 (13)
Patricia Seed
The Hope of the Netherlands: Menasseh ben 86 (21)
Israel and the Dutch Idea of America
Benjamin Schmidt
Israel in America: The Wanderings of the 107 (18)
Lost Ten Tribes from Mikveigh Yisrael to
Timothy McVeigh
David S. Katz
II. Identity at Stake: Concealing,
Preserving, and Reshaping Judaism Among the
Conversos and Marranos of Spanish America
New Christian, Marrano, Jew 125 (24)
Robert Rowland
Marrano Religiosity in Hispanic America in 149 (23)
the Seventeenth Century
Nathan Wachtel
Crypto-Jews and the Mexican Holy Office in 172 (14)
the Seventeenth Century
Solange Alberro
The Participation of New Christians and 186 (17)
Crypto-Jews in the Conquest, Colonization,
and Trade of Spanish America, 1521--1660
Eva Alexandra Uchmany
Crypto-Jews and New Christians in Colonial 203 (12)
Peru and Chile
Gunter Bohm
III. The Luso-Brazilian Experience: Jews in
Portuguese Latin America
Marranos and the Inquisition: On the Gold 215 (27)
Route in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Anita Novinsky
Outcasts from the Kingdom: The Inquisition 242 (13)
and the Banishment of New Christians to
Geraldo Pieroni
IV. From Toleration to Expulsion: Identity,
Trade, and Struggle for Survival in France
and Caribbean French America
The Portuguese Jewish Nation of 255 (13)
Saint-Esprit-les-Bayonne: The American
Gerard Nahon
Atlantic Trade and Sephardim Merchants in 268 (19)
Eighteenth-Century France: The Case of
Silvia Marzagalli
Jewish Settlements in the French Colonies 287 (27)
in the Caribbean (Martinique, Guadeloupe,
Haiti, Cayenne) and the ``Black Code''
Mordechai Arbell
New Christians/``New Whites'': Sephardic 314 (21)
Jews, Free People of Color, and Citizenship
in French Saint-Domingue, 1760--1789
John D. Garrigus
V. Blossoming in Another World: The Jews and
the Jewish Communities in Dutch America
The Jews of Dutch America 335 (15)
Jonathan I. Israel
The Jews in Suriname and Curacao 350 (19)
Wim Klooster
An Atlantic Perspective on the Jewish 369 (25)
Struggle for Rights and Opportunities in
Brazil, New Netherland, and New York
James Homer Williams
Antecedents and Remnants of Jodensavanne: 394 (45)
The Synagogues and Cemeteries of the First
Permanent Plantation Settlement of New
World Jews
Rachel Frankel
VI. ``The Brokers of the World'': American
Jews, New Christians, and International Trade
Jews and New Christians in the Atlantic 439 (32)
Slave Trade
Seymour Drescher
New Christians and Jews in the Sugar Trade, 471 (14)
1550--1750: Two Centuries of Development of
the Atlantic Economy
James C. Boyajian
New Christians as Sugar Cultivators and 485 (16)
Traders in the Portuguese Atlantic,
Ernst Pijning
The Jewish Moment and the Two Expansion 501 (18)
Systems in the Atlantic, 1580--1650
Pieter Emmer
VII. The Jews in Colonial British America
The Jews in British America 519 (13)
Jonathan D. Sarna
Notes on Contributors 532 (5)
Name Index 537 (17)
Place Index 554 (7)
Subject Index 561