Habitat for Humanity : How to Build a House

Habitat for Humanity : How to Build a House

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Full Description

Master builder Larry Haun teams up with Habitat For Humanity, the world's leading community homebuilding organisation, to bring you this complete, step-by-step guide to building a house. This is both a skill-building book which illustrates how anyone can actually build a house, and also one which focuses on efficiency, quality and environmental concerns. It is ideal for beginner builders, yet it contains indepth information that will benefit all skill levels of builders. The information is presented in a clear authoritative manner, yet friendly and accessible in tone. The step-by-step method of instruction includes tips that come from the author's many years of experience. * Habitat For Humanity is an international charity which brings families and communities in need together with volunteers and resources to build decent and affordable homes. Since 1976, Habitat has built more than 120,000 houses in over 80 countries. This is the only book on the market to bear their name. * Illustrated in full colour: the colour photographs were specially taken in situ as the 'project house' for the book was blitz-built in just three weeks.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           vi
Introduction 2 (2)
Getting Started: Site, Design, Permits, and 4 (18)
Obtain a Site 6 (1)
Prepare the Site 7 (2)
Design the House 9 (2)
Secure the Building Permits 11 (4)
Get Organized to Build 15 (7)
Building Basics: Getting Acquainted with 22 (20)
Tools and the Parts of a House
Tool-Buying Tips 22 (3)
Essential Hand Tools 25 (5)
Tool Carriers 30 (2)
Power Tools 32 (4)
The Parts of a House 36 (6)
Firm, Flat, Level, and Square: Foundations 42 (32)
and Floors
Know the Foundation Fundamentals 42 (7)
Form and Pour the Footings 49 (1)
Build the Foundation Walls 50 (2)
Backfill around the Foundation 52 (1)
Attach the Sills 53 (6)
Build Midspan Support for Joists 59 (4)
Install the Joists 63 (5)
Install Extra Joists and Blocking 68 (3)
Install the Floor Sheathing 71 (3)
Going Up: Walls Create Space 74 (38)
Lay Out the Walls 76 (3)
Plate the Walls 79 (3)
Count and Cut the Headers, Rough Sills, 82 (4)
Cripples, and Trimmers
Mark the Plates 86 (6)
Build the Walls 92 (8)
Raise the Walls 100(5)
Plumb and Line the Walls 105(3)
Install and Plumb Door and Window Trimmers 108(1)
Sheathe the Walls 109(3)
Shelter: A Roof Overhead 112(34)
Roof Trusses 112(4)
Prepare for Truss Arrival and Installation 116(4)
Install the Gable Truss 120(3)
Install the Remaining Trusses 123(4)
Secure the Trusses to the Interior Walls 127(2)
Add Drywall Backing 129(1)
Install the Barge Rafters and the Fascia 129(4)
Sheathe the Roof 133(2)
Seal the Roof with Felt Paper 135(2)
Shingle the Roof 137(9)
Closing in: Windows, Doors, Siding, and 146(28)
Exterior Trim
Vinyl Siding 148(2)
Install the Remaining Sheathing and the 150(3)
Rough Exterior Trim
Install the Housewrap and Flash Openings 153(2)
Set the Windows and Doors 155(3)
Complete Ventilation and Electrical Work 158(1)
Install the Starter Strips and the Trim for 159(6)
Vinyl Siding
Install the Siding Panels 165(5)
Finish the Soffits 170(2)
Cover Exterior Trim with Aluminum Cladding 172(2)
Building an Outdoor Room: Basic Design for 174(18)
Porches, Decks, and Landings
Design Ideas for Decks and Porches 176(1)
Complete the Essential Roof Framing 176(2)
Install the Ledger 178(3)
Install the Foundation and Floor Framing 181(1)
Frame the Stairs 182(5)
Install the Decking and Stair Treads 187(1)
Install the Railings 188(4)
Comfort Inside: Sealing, Insulating, and 192(20)
Ventilating a House
Sweaters, Windbreakers, and Rain Gear 194(1)
Seal Penetrations in the Walls, Ceilings, 195(4)
and Floors
Install the Walls, Ceilings, and Floors 199(7)
Install Vapor Barriers (if Necessary) 206(4)
Provide Adequate Ventilation 210(2)
The Walls Within: Drywall and Painting 212(28)
Get Ready to Install Drywall 214(3)
Install the Ceiling Panels 217(7)
Install the Wall Panels 224(2)
Install the Corner Bead 226(2)
Mud, Tape, and Finish the Drywall 228(4)
Paint the Ceilings and Walls 232(3)
Prepare and Paint the Interior Trim 235(2)
Paint the Exterior Siding and Trim 237(3)
Making a House Beautiful and Useful: Interior 240(28)
Trim, Cabinets, Countertops, and Closets
Install Underlayment for Vinyl Flooring 242(1)
Install the Interior Doors 243(6)
Install the Window and Door Casings 249(5)
Install the Cabinets 254(4)
Install the Countertops 258(2)
Install the Baseboard and Chair Rail 260(4)
Trim Out the Closets 264(4)
Final Details: From Locks to Smoke Detectors 268(10)
Install the Hardware and Fixtures 268(4)
Select and Install the Finish Flooring 272(3)
Get to Know Electrical and Mechanical 275(1)
Prepare for the Worst 276(2)
Resources 278(2)
Index 280