Traveller's Diarrhea (HAR/CDR)

Traveller's Diarrhea (HAR/CDR)

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Diarrhea remains a frequent health problem with a substantial impact on professional and leisure travelers alike. While substantial progress has been made in our understanding of the pathogenesis and management of travelers' diarrhea, hygiene and infrastructure in many developing countries have not significantly improved. "Travelers' Diarrhea" aims to convey a thorough history, a basic understanding of the discipline, state-of-the-art management recommendations and thoughts for future research. Substantial understanding of the risks of acquiring travelers' diarrhea exists and we continue to learn about differences in host susceptibility. Recent research questions the pivotal role of fluid replacement in the treatment of adults with travelers' diarrhea. An increasing number of medications are available for symptomatic relief and for specific antimicrobial therapy against causal organisms. Modern molecular and genetic techniques, vaccine development, and new production techniques are discussed, in addition to the improvement of public health services around the world.


1. Historical Considerations Part 1Microbiology A. The Bacterial Pathogens B. The Viral Pathogens C. The Parasitic Pathogens D. Antimicrobial Resistance 3. Pathogenesis 4. Relative Importance of Pathogens and Non-Infectious Causes Part 2: Epidemiology and Clinical Features 5. Epidemiology 6. Host Factors and Susceptibility 7. Clinical Features and Syndromes Part 3: Prevention 8. Non-Immunologic Prevention Strategies A. Diet and Education about Risks B. Drugs 9. Immunity and Immunoprophylaxis Part 4: Treatment 10. General Principles in Self-Treating TD Abroad 11. Initial Diagnostic Approach and Nonspecific Treatment (Diet, ORT, Symptomatic Drugs) 12. Antimicrobial Treatment (including Combination Therapy) and Algorithmic Approach to Treatment Part 5: Special Hosts and Populations 13. Special Hosts (Immune Compromised, Children, Elderly, Pregnancy) 14. Corporate and Other Short-Term Travelers 15. Diarrhea in Expatriates 16. Outbreaks Associated with Air Travel 17. Diarrhea at Sea and Outbreaks Associated with Cruises 18. Diarrhea in Military Populations 19. Persistent and Chronic Diarrhea in the Returning Traveler Part 6: The Future - Environmental Control and Disease Prevention 20. The Future: Environmental Control and Disease PreventionNER(01): WOW