The Filipino Migration Experience : Global Agents of Change

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The Filipino Migration Experience : Global Agents of Change

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The Filipino Migration Experience introduces a new dimension to the usual depiction of migrants as disenfranchised workers or marginal ethnic groups. Mina Roces suggests alternative ways of conceptualizing Filipino migrantsas critics of the family and cultural constructions of sexuality, as consumers and investors, as philanthropists, as activists, and, as historians. They have been able to transform fundamental social institutions and well-entrenched traditional norms, as well as alter the business, economic and cultural landscapes of both the homeland and the host countries to which they have migrated. Mina Roces tells the story of the Filipino migration experience from the perspective of the migrants themselves, tapping into hitherto underused primary sources from the "migrant archives" and more than 70 interviews. Bringing the fields of Filipino migration studies and Filipina/o/x American studies together, this book analyzes some of the areas where Filipino migrants have forever changed the status quo. -- Cornell University Press


IntroductionChange, 1970s-2018Part One: Breaking Taboos: Family and Gender1. Migration and the Rethinking of the Filipino Family, 1970s-20182. Challenging Constructions of Gender and Sexuality, 1980s-2018Part Two: Changing Social Mores and Economic Landscapes: Filipino Migrants as Consumers3. Consumption and Social Change, 1980s-20184. The Impact of Consumption on Businesses, 1990s-2018Part Three: Changing the Homeland and the Host Country: Activism and Philanthropy5. Filipina/o/x Americans as Community Historians, 1980s-20186. Advocacy and Its Impacts, 1970s to circa 20007. Migrants and the Homeland, 1986-20188. Conclusion: Refusing to be Marginal -- Cornell University Press