Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars


Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars

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Full Description

In the first and only examination of how the British Empire and Commonwealth sustained its soldiers before, during, and after both world wars, a cast of leading military historians explores how the empire mobilized manpower to recruit workers, care for veterans, and transform factory workers and farmers into riflemen. Raising armies is more than counting people, putting them in uniform, and assigning them to formations. It demands efficient measures for recruitment, registration, and assignment. It requires processes for transforming common people into soldiers and then producing officers, staffs, and commanders to lead them. It necessitates balancing the needs of the armed services with industry and agriculture. And, often overlooked but illuminated incisively here, raising armies relies on medical services for mending wounded soldiers and programs and pensions to look after them when demobilized.Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars is a transnational look at how the empire did not always get these things right. But through trial, error, analysis, and introspection, it levied the large armies needed to prosecute both wars.Contributors Paul R. Bartrop, Charles Booth, Jean Bou, Daniel Byers, Kent Fedorowich, Jonathan Fennell, Meghan Fitzpatrick, Richard S. Grayson, Ian McGibbon, Jessica Meyer, Emma Newlands, Kaushik Roy, Roger Sarty, Gary Sheffield, Ian van der Waag

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    xi
Abbreviations xiii
Introduction: Britain and the Military Manpower 1 (10)
Problems of the Empire, 1900--1945
Douglas E. Delaney
Mark Frost
1 The Government That Could Not Say No and 11 (17)
Australia's Military Effort, 1914--1918
Jean Bou
2 Irish Identities in the British Army 28 (15)
during the First World War
Richard S. Grayson
3 Conserving British Manpower during and 43 (13)
after the First World War
Jessica Meyer
4 The Canadian Garrison Artillery Goes to 56 (16)
War, 1914-1918
Roger Sarty
5 "Returning Home to Fight": Bristolians in 72 (14)
the Dominion Armies, 1914--1918
Kent Fedorowich
Charles Booth
6 Martial Race Theory and Recruitment in 86 (15)
the Indian Army during Two World Wars
Kaushik Roy
7 Manpower, Training, and the Battlefield 101 (15)
Leadership of British Army Officers in the
Era of the Two World Wars
Gary Sheffield
8 Legitimacy, Consent, and the Mobilization 116 (18)
of the British and Commonwealth Armies
during the Second World War
Jonathan Fennell
9 "Enemy Mens" and the Formation of 134 (10)
Australia's 8th Employment Company
Paul R. Bartrop
10 The Body and Becoming a Soldier in 144 (16)
Britain during the Second World War
Emma Newlands
11 Canada and the Mobilization of Manpower 160 (14)
during the Second World War
Daniel Byers
12 South African Manpower and the Second 174 (13)
World War
Ian van der Waag
13 Manpower Mobilization and Rehabilitation 187 (14)
in New Zealand's Second World War
Ian McGibbon
14 Caring for British Commonwealth Soldiers 201 (13)
in the Aftermath of the Second World War
Meghan Fitzpatrick
Conclusion: The Many Dimensions of Mobilizing 214 (9)
Military Manpower
Douglas E. Delaney
Andrew L. Brown
Notes 223 (54)
Select Bibliography 277 (6)
Notes on Contributors 283 (6)
Index 289