Sexual Attraction : The Psychology of Allure

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Sexual Attraction : The Psychology of Allure

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Full Description

How and why does sexual attraction happen? This book is an exploration of the universal yet highly individualized experience of being sexually attracted to another person.* Identifies the numerous elements that surround and affect sexual attraction, including bodily features, relationships, and social factors, and examines each to illuminate the individualized experience of attraction that takes place in each case* Pinpoints the triggers for sexual attraction and identifies how men and women, though equally compelled, often express their attraction differently* Explains how males and females typically give attention to the various objects of attraction in distinctly different ways, allowing readers to better understand the complexities of heterosexual interaction* Reveals the relationships between sexual attraction, opposite-sex friendship, and romantic attraction, showing how these can blend together in various ways* Enables readers to understand the basis for sexual experiences and the role it plays in his or her life-a topic that is of great significance for many individuals, yet not a subject that is often or readily discussed

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
One Interpersonal Attraction and Sexual 1 (44)
Ways of Being Attracted to Other People 1 (5)
Sexual Attraction and Physical Appearance 6 (19)
Allure 25 (8)
The Origins of Allure 33 (12)
Two Exchanging Glances 45 (38)
Types of Strangers 45 (8)
The Allure of Strangers 53 (18)
Strangers in Dreams 71 (12)
Three Just Friends 83 (44)
Friendship 83 (16)
Cross-sex Friendship 99 (19)
The Allure of Cross-sex Friends 118(9)
Four More than Just Friends 127(38)
Sexual Friendship 127(14)
The Place of Sex in Sexual Friendship 141(12)
The Allure of Sexual Friends 153(12)
Five It Turned Out So Right 165(36)
Romantic Attraction 165(15)
Lovers and Friends 180(9)
The Allure of Romantic Partners 189(12)
Six With the Help of Helplessness 201(6)
Notes 207(6)
References 213(12)
Index 225