Sedimentation and Sediment Transport : Proceedings of the Symposium Held in Monte Verita, Switzerland, from September 2nd - to September 6th, 2002


Sedimentation and Sediment Transport : Proceedings of the Symposium Held in Monte Verita, Switzerland, from September 2nd - to September 6th, 2002

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Turbulence, non-local phenomena, stability, interaction, feedback systems, self-organization, etc. Were the keywords of the Symposium.

Full Description

It is evident, that for a number of ecological and technical problems in rivers and lakes a better knowledge of sediment transport and sedimentation is needed together with the ability to predict and simulate sediment behaviour. On the other hand, a stagnation of research in these topics could be observed in the last decades. At the Symposium an attempt was made to present new results in mathematics and natural sciences relevant for the sediment problem. New strategies were discussed to tackle the complexity of the problem. Basic theoretical research and laboratory experiments alone are incomplete without a feedback from field observations and measurements. For that reason well-known researchers from both basic and engineering sciences were invited. Turbulence, non-local phenomena, stability, interaction, feedback systems, self-organization, two-phase flow and chaotic processes, numerical simulations as well as measurement techniques and field results were the keywords of the Symposium. This proceedings are a good source for those interested in the state of the art.


Preface. I: Turbulence, Mainly its Non-Local Aspects. Some mathematical contributions to the understanding of turbulence; C. Bardos. Nonlocality in turbulence; A. Tsinober. Effect of roughness transition in turbulent structures in the outer layer; M. Guala, et al. Stokes flows at infinite Rayleigh number; D. Dritschel. Turbulent boundary layers over compliant walls: Low-dimensional models and direct simulations; D. Rempfer, et al. The energetics and the heat and mass transfer in unsteady stratified turbulence; H. Hanazaki. II: Turbulence and Sediment transport, Turbulence and Sedimentation. The probability of sediment movement at the threshold of motion and time dependent fluid processes; C.L. Dancey, P. Diplas. Turbulence dynamics in a two-phase flow; A. Gaion. Investigation of particle size distribution in turbulent open channel flow; T. Dreher, B. Westrich. Entrainment of large particles from granular bed protections under low-mobility transport conditions; B. Hofland, et al. Interaction between turbulent open-channel flow and pressure fluctuations in surface gravel layer; M. Detert, et al. Two-phase flow analysis of sediment velocity; B.P. Greimann. Experimental measurement of sediment suspension and particle kinetic stress transport within a horizontal channel flow; K. Kiger, et al. III: Turbulent Structures and Sediment Transport. Turbulent structure of excited axisymmetric impinging jet; S. Alekseenko, et al. Resuspension by droplets; S.B. Dalziel, M.D. Seaton. Particle resuspension by an impacting vortex ring; R.J. Munro, S.B. Dalziel. IV: Two-Phase Flows. On the effects of Stokes, Richardson, and stability numbers in persistent and accelerating vortices; A. Burgisser, et al. Centrifugal sedimentation processes in suspensions fundamentals and challenges of efficient simulation; M. Ungarish. On the one-dimensional flow approximation in sedimentation processes; W. Schneider. Particle swarms settling in calm water; J. Buhler, D.A. Papantoniou. Flow of media with high nanoparticles' concentration; S.P. Bardakhanov. V: Self Organization in Sedimentation Processes. The effect of homogeneous isotropic turbulence on the settling of heavy particles; A. Aliseda, et al. Numerical investigation of two-way coupling mechanisms in dilute, particle laden flows; E. Meiburg. Statistics of turbulence-induced fluctuations of particle concentration; G. Falkovich, et al. Numerical simulation of the coherent structures in a homogeneous sedimenting suspension; E.S. Asmolov. Simulation of particle flow using particle methods. A p3m algorithm for charged particulates; J.H. Walther, et al. VI: Self Organization in Sediment Transport. LDV, PIV and LES investigation of flow over a fixed dune; R. Balachandar, et al. Sediment continuity for rivers with non-uniform sediment, dunes, and bed load transport; A. Blom, et al. The self-organization of ripples towards two-dimensional forms; A. Gyr. An integro-differential model for the dynamics of aeolian sand ripples; N.J. Balmforth. Simulation of sedimentation and mixing in deeply-submerged gravity currents; F. Necker, et al. VII: Problems Related to Field Measurements and Inputs Needed for Numerical Models. River braiding in relation to unsteady water and sediment transport; H.M. Habersack. On the validity and limits of continuous-phase modelling of sediment transport in estuaries and coastal zones; E.A.