Rules for Writers + Launchpad Solo for Hacker Handbooks, Twelve Months Access (9 PAP/PSC)

Rules for Writers + Launchpad Solo for Hacker Handbooks, Twelve Months Access (9 PAP/PSC)

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New college writers come from a wide range of backgrounds and communities. And for many, academic reading and writing skills are ones they must learn and practice. Enter Rules for Writers. It's an easy-to-use, comprehensive composition tool with the quality you expect from authors you trust. It empowers students by teaching them how to meet new expectations and by giving them the practice that builds confidence.With trusted advice for writing well, reading critically, and working with sources, Rules for Writers now has even more help for underprepared and inexperienced writers-sentence guides that foster an academic voice, tips for spotting fake news and misleading sources, more on paraphrasing, and fifteen new "how-to" pages that offer practical help for writing challenges.


Scavenger HuntWRITING.- 1 Exploring, planning, and drafting.- 2 Revising, editing, and reflecting.- 3 Building effective paragraphs.- ACADEMIC READING AND WRITING.- 4 Reading and writing critically.- 5 Reading and writing about multimodal texts.- 6 Reading arguments.- 7 Writing arguments.- CLARITY.- 8 Active verbs.- 9 Parallel ideas.- 10 Needed words.- 11 Mixed constructions.- 12 Misplaced and dangling modifiers.- 13 Shifts.- 14 Emphasis.- 15 Variety.- 16 Wordy sentences.- 17 Appropriate language.- 18 Exact words.- GRAMMAR.- 19 Sentence fragments.- 20 Run-on sentences.- 21 Subject-verb agreement (is or are etc.).- 22 Pronoun-antecedent agreement (singular or plural).- 23 Pronoun reference.- 24 Pronoun case (I vs. me etc.).- 25 who and whom.- 26 Adjectives and adverbs.- 27 English verb forms, tenses, and moods.- MULTILINGUAL WRITERS AND ESL TOPICS.- 28 Verbs.- 29 Articles.- 30 Sentence structure.- 31 Prepositions and idioms.- PUNCTUATION.- 32 The comma.- 33 Unnecessary commas.- 34 The semicolon.- 35 The colon.- 36 The apostrophe.- 37 Quotation marks.- 38 End punctuation.- 39 Other punctuation.- marks.- MECHANICS.- 40 Abbreviations.- 41 Numbers.- 42 Italics.- 43 Spelling.- 44 The hyphen.- 45 Capitalization.- GRAMMAR BASICS.- 46 Parts of speech.- 47 Sentence patterns.- 48 Subordinate word groups.- 49 Sentence types.- RESEARCH.- 50 Thinking like a researcher; gathering sources.- 51 Managing information; taking notes Supporting a thesis.- 54 Citing sources; avoiding plagiarism.- 55 Integrating sources.- 56 Documenting sources in MLA style.- 57 MLA format; sample Citing sources; avoiding plagiarism.- 60 Integrating sources.- 61 Documenting sources in APA style.- 62 APA format; sample research paper.- APPENDIXES.- Models of professional writing.- Glossary of usage.- Answers to exercises.