Social Networks and Social Movements : Contentious Connections

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Social Networks and Social Movements : Contentious Connections

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Full Description

The concept of networks and the techniques of social network analysis have each assumed increasing importance in social science in recent years, not least in relation to the analysis of collective action and particularly social movements. This timely collection offers a fascinating glimpse into the state of the art. Each chapter uses network analysis to tackle a different question regarding the nature and dynamics of social movement activity, and each reflects upon the advantages and limitations of the method for its purposes. The case studies focused upon are drawn from a variety of national contexts, both contemporary and historical, and both the methods used and the uses to which they are put are no less diverse. A must have book for anybody interested in social movement networks and contemporary ways of analysing them.This book was published as a special issue of Social Movement Studies.

Table of Contents

Citation Information                               vii
1 Social Movements and Social Networks: 1 (21)
John Krinsky
Nick Crossley
2 Do Social Networks Really Matter in 22 (26)
Contentious Politics?
Florence Passy
Gian-Andrea Monsch
3 Infectious Innovations? The Diffusion of 48 (22)
Tactical Innovation in Social Movement
Networks, the Case of Suffragette Militancy
Gemma Edwards
4 Change in Covert Social Movement 70 (22)
Networks: The `Inner Circle' of the
Provisional Irish Republican Army
Rachel Stevenson
Nick Crossley
5 Networks of Contention: The Shape of 92 (18)
Online Transnationalism in Early
Twenty-First Century Social Movement
Stefania Vicari
6 Anatomy of Protest in the Digital Era: A 110(17)
Network Analysis of Twitter and Occupy Wall
Mark Tremayne
7 Who are the active and central actors in 127(31)
the `rising civil society' in Mexico?
Takeshi Wada
8 Beyond the Activist Ghetto: A Deductive 158(21)
Blockmodelling Approach to Understanding
the Relationship between Contact with
Environmental Organisations and Public
Attitudes and Behaviour
Clare Saunders
Milena Buchs
Anastasios Papafragkou
Rebecca Wallbridge
Graham Smith
Index 179