ビデオゲームとゲーミング文化:メディア・文化研究の重要概念(全4巻)<br>Video Games and Gaming Culture (4-Volume Set) (Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies)


Video Games and Gaming Culture (4-Volume Set) (Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies)

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Full Description

Video and interactive computer games now constitute an enormous industry that rivals television and film. Moreover, gaming is of growing importance in spheres beyond mere entertainment; games and gaming technology are increasingly applied to other ends, including for educational, political, and military purposes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, the cultural, social, and economic significance of games and gaming is now profound, and ripe for scholarly scrutiny and study.As research continues to flourish as never before, this major new reference resource from Routledge's Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies series offers a multi-dimensional overview of games and gaming culture and brings together in four volumes the very best foundational and cutting-edge scholarship.Edited by the field's leading scholar, Mark J. P. Wolf, the collection encompasses the socio-cultural, political, and economic dimensions of gaming from a wide variety of perspectives. The materials gathered explore issues of game design and development, provide close analysis of games as cultural artefacts, and address issues of policy, such as those related to race, class, gender, and sexuality.Video Games and Gaming Culture is supplemented by a comprehensive index and includes a full introduction, newly written by the editor.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xix
Chronological table of reprinted articles and xxiii
General introduction 1 (3)
Mark J. P. Wolf
Introduction to Volume I 4
Mark J. P. Wolf
PART 1 Defining video game studies 9 (124)
1 Defining games 11 (18)
Katie Salen
Eric Zimmerman
2 Defining game mechanics 29 (17)
Miguel Sicart
3 The gaming situation 46 (13)
Markku Eskelinen
4 Simulation versus narrative: introduction 59 (14)
to ludology
Gonzalo Frasca
5 Games telling stories? A brief note on 73 (13)
games and narratives
Jesper Juul
6 Introduction: videogames and storytelling 86 (19)
Souvik Mukherjee
7 Games, the new lively art 105 (23)
Henry Jenkins
8 Manifesto for a Ludic century 128 (5)
Eric Zimmerman
PART 2 Game studies classics 133 (154)
9 Nature and significance of play as a 135 (20)
cultural phenomenon
Johan Huizinga
10 The play-element in contemporary 155 (14)
Johan Huizinga
11 `The definition of play' and `The 169 (27)
classification of games'
Roger Caillois
12 Deep play: notes on the Balinese 196 (17)
Clifford Geertz
13 Play and ambiguity 213 (14)
Brian Sutton-Smith
14 The lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat 227 (22)
F. Randall Farmer
Chip Morningstar
15 Hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades: players 249 (29)
who suit MUDs
Richard Bartle
16 Environmental storytelling: creating 278 (9)
immersive 3D worlds using lessons learned
from the theme park industry
Don Carson
PART 3 History and historiographical concerns 287
17 The history of video games 289 (14)
Steven D. Bristow
18 Video games caught up in history: 303 (18)
accessibility, teleological distortion, and
other methodological issues
Carl Therrien
19 Strategic simulations and our past: the 321 (23)
bias of computer games in the presentation
of history
Kevin Schut
20 Mainframe games and simulations 344 (4)
David H. Ahl
21 Videogames in Computer Space: the 348 (23)
complex history of Pong
Henry Lowood
22 BattleZone and the origins of 371
first-person shooting games
Mark J. P. Wolf
Acknowledgements ix
Introduction to Volume II 1 (1)
Mark J. P. Wolf
PART 4 Video game design and formal aspects 5 (212)
23 I have no words & I must design 7 (16)
Greg Costikyan
24 Formal abstract design tools 23 (13)
Doug Church
25 Tools for creating dramatic game dynamics 36 (18)
Marc Leblanc
26 MDA: a formal approach to game design 54 (10)
and game research
Robin Hunicke
Marc Leblanc
Robert Zubek
27 An introduction to the participatory and 64 (25)
non-linear aspects of video games audio
Karen Collins
28 In the loop: creativity and constraint 89 (20)
in 8-bit video game audio
Karen Collins
29 Pac-Man 109 (14)
Nick Montfort
Ian Bogost
30 Game design as narrative architecture 123 (16)
Henry Jenkins
31 Theorizing navigable space in video games 139 (20)
Mark J. P. Wolf
32 Gamic action, four moments 159 (32)
Alexander R. Galloway
33 In defense of cutscenes 191 (11)
Rune Klevjer
34 Fear of failing? The many meanings of 202 (15)
difficulty in video games
Jesper Juul
PART 5 Video game theory, methodology, and 217
35 Changing the game 219 (16)
Bernard Dekoven
36 Computer game semiotics 235 (13)
David Myers
37 Computer game criticism: a method for 248 (11)
computer game analysis
Lars Konzack
38 Playing research: methodological 259 (15)
approaches to game analysis
Espen Aarseth
39 Towards the definition of a framework 274 (11)
and grammar for game analysis and design
Roberto Dillon
40 Bombs, barbarians, and backstories: 285 (17)
meaning-making within Sid Meier's
David Myers
41 Genre and game studies: toward a 302 (19)
critical approach to video game genres
Thomas H. Apperley
42 Camera-eye, CG-eye: videogames and the 321 (7)
Will Brooker
43 Color-cycled space fumes in the pixel 328 (18)
particle shockwave: the technical
aesthetics of Defender and the Williams
arcade platform, 1980--82
Brett Camper
44 Procedural rhetoric 346
Ian Bogost
Acknowledgements ix
Introduction to Volume III 1 (1)
Mark J. P. Wolf
PART 6 Embodiment and identity 5 (166)
45 Stories for eye, ear, and muscles: video 7 (25)
games, media, and embodied experiences
Torben Grodal
46 Embodiment and interface 32 (17)
Andreas Gregersen
Torben Grodal
47 The myth of the ergodic videogame: some 49 (12)
thoughts on player-character relationships
in videogames
James Newman
48 Playing at being: psychoanalysis and the 61 (25)
Bob Rehak
49 Lara Croft: feminist icon or cyberbimbo? 86 (13)
On the limits of textual analysis
Helen W. Kennedy
50 Theorizing gender and digital gameplay: 99 (11)
oversights, accidents and surprises
Jennifer Jenson
Suzanne De Castell
51 Serious play: playing with race in 110 (22)
contemporary gaming culture
Anna Everett
52 The power of play: the portrayal and 132 (25)
performance of race in video games
Anna Everett
S. Craig Watkins
53 Race 157 (14)
Anna Everett
PART 7 Play, control, and the magic circle 171 (130)
54 The assemblage of play 173 (8)
T. L. Taylor
55 Coming to play at frightening yourself: 181 (16)
welcome to the world of horror video games
Bernard Perron
56 I fought the law: transgressive play and 197 (8)
the implied player
Espen Aarseth
57 Video games and the pleasures of control 205 (17)
Torben Grodal
58 Allegories of control 222 (19)
Alexander R. Galloway
59 The magic circle 241 (9)
Katie Salen
Eric Zimmerman
60 There is no magic circle 250 (9)
Mia Consalvo
61 Jerked around by the magic circle -- 259 (10)
clearing the air ten years later
Eric Zimmerman
62 Fundamental components of the gameplay 269 (17)
experience: analysing immersion
Laura Ermi
Frans Mayra
63 Emersion as an element of gaming 286 (15)
Piotr Kubinski
PART 8 Threat, aggression, and violence 301
64 A rape in cyberspace: how an evil clown, 303 (16)
a Haitian trickster spirit, two wizards,
and a cast of dozens turned a database into
a society
Julian Dibbell
65 Ephemeral games: is it barbaric to 319 (8)
design videogames after Auschwitz?
Gonzalo Frasca
66 Video games and aggressive thoughts, 327 (44)
feelings, and behavior in the laboratory
and in life
Craig A. Anderson
Karen E. Dill
67 Effects of violent video games on 371 (14)
aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition,
aggressive affect, physiological arousal,
and prosocial behavior: a meta-analytic
review of the scientific literature
Craig A. Anderson
Brad J. Bushman
68 Violent video game effects on 385 (50)
aggression, empathy, and prosocial behavior
in Eastern and Western countries: a
meta-analytic review
Craig A. Anderson
Akiko Shibuya
Nobuko Ihori
Edward L. Swing
Brad J. Bushman
Akira Sakamoto
Hannah R. Rothstein
Muniba Saleem
69 Sign of a threat: the effects of warning 435 (20)
systems in survival horror games
Bernard Perron
70 The motivating role of violence in video 455
Andrew K. Przybylski
Richard M. Ryan
C. Scott Rigby
Acknowledgements ix
Introduction to Volume IV 1 (4)
Mark J. P. Wolf
PART 9 Video games and education 5 (90)
71 The educational benefits of videogames 7 (9)
Mark Griffiths
72 What video games have to teach us about 16 (4)
learning and literacy
James Paul Gee
73 Video games in education 20 (17)
Kurt Squire
74 From content to context: videogames as 37 (23)
designed experience
Kurt Squire
75 Game design and learning: a conjectural 60 (22)
analysis of how massively multiple online
role-playing games (MMORPGs) foster
intrinsic motivation
Michele D. Dickey
76 Video games and the future of learning 82 (13)
David Williamson Shaffer
Kurt R. Squire
Richard Halverson
James P. Gee
PART 10 Video games and culture 95 (234)
77 What is video game culture? Cultural 97 (21)
studies and game studies
Adrienne Shaw
78 Productive play: game culture from the 118 (6)
bottom up
Celia Pearce
79 Material culture and Angry Birds 124 (17)
Heikki Tyni
Olli Sotamaa
80 Nintendo® and new world travel 141 (17)
writing: a dialogue
Mary Fuller
Henry Jenkins
81 Civilization and its discontents: 158 (15)
simulation, subjectivity, and space
Ted Friedman
82 Social play 173 (14)
David Myers
83 Gaining advantage: how videogame players 187 (20)
define and negotiate cheating
Mia Consalvo
84 Girl gamers and their relationship with 207 (17)
the gaming culture
Gareth R. Schott
Kirsty R. Horrell
85 Introduction (excerpt) to Video Games 224 (13)
around the World
Mark J. P. Wolf
86 Balancing the tensions between 237 (32)
rationalization and creativity in the video
games industry
F. Ted Tschang
87 Convergence and globalization in the 269 (7)
Japanese videogame industry
Mia Consalvo
88 Videology: video-games as postmodern 276 (18)
sites/sights of ideological reproduction
Simon Gottschalk
89 Too many cooks: media convergence and 294 (20)
self-defeating adaptations
Trevor Elkington
90 The centrality of play 314 (15)
James Newman
Index 329