French Feast : A Traveler's Literary Companion (Traveler's Literary Companions)

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French Feast : A Traveler's Literary Companion (Traveler's Literary Companions)

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Full Description

First, a warninghas no restaurant reviews, and very few recipes. You won't hear about that darling place in Dordogne, but you may learn how to slice a cuttlefish. This is about food as experience. And who better to describe that experience than the French? French Feast is a wide-ranging collection of mostly short stories that starts as far back as Gargantua and The Three Musketeers, meanders forward through The Belly of Paris, and bursts with a flowering of such different modern writers as the authors of The Small Pleasures of Life and The Butcher. The stories' variety and idiosyncratic twists are delicious. Who would have thought that the bank robber's gun was actually made of nougat? Or that you can starve at a chic Paris dinner when the fuses blow? Some stories are elegiac, like "The Taste of New Wine," or rich with family memories, like "Bresse." Others cast an ironic eye on diners' manners--or their marriages, as in "Tears of Laughter." Still others lusciously combine food and love: you can use porcupine stew to seduce a neighbor, or a caramel berlingot to poison a faithless lover.The trick, in food as in writing, is to do it with taste.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       vii
Jean Anderson
William Rodarmor
Preface: An Amuse-Bouche from the Editor xi
William Rodarmor
Bresse 1 (11)
Chantal Pelletier
The Cuttlefish 12 (6)
Maryline Desbiolles
Fruits & Vegetables 18 (15)
Anthony Palou
Pfefferling 33 (7)
Francis Vallejo
The Taste of New Wine 40 (8)
Mariette Condroyer
The Master of Manners 48 (6)
Henri Duvernois
The Plate Raider 54 (6)
Thanh-Van Tran-Nhut
Belle du Seigneur 60 (15)
Albert Cohen
Here They Are How Nice 75 (6)
Annie Saumont
Cafeteria Wine 81 (3)
Laurent Graff
Paris Dinner 84 (5)
Michele Gazier
The Dining Car 87 (2)
The Small Pleasures of Life 89 (5)
Philippe Delerm
Acacia Flowers 94 (3)
Philippe Claudel
Tears of Laughter 97 (19)
Nadine Ribault
Fast Food 116(3)
Joseph Incardona
Even Me 119(6)
Claire Julier
Brasserie 125(7)
Marie Rouanet
Spinach Should Be Cooked with Cream 132(11)
Claude Pujade-Renaud
The Legend of Bread 143(5)
Michel Tournier
Oysters 148(12)
Fabrice Pataut
Eating 160(6)
Cyrille Fleischman
The Armoire 166(3)
Pascal Gamier
Roll On, Camembert 169(5)
Jacques Perret
Pique-Nique 174(8)
Dominique Sylvain
Sweet Nothings 182(7)
Christiane Baroche
Pralines 189(9)
Roger Grenier
The Butcher 198(4)
Alina Reyes
Beef Steak 202(9)
Martin Provost
Come and Get It 211(12)
Tiffany Tavernier
Porcupine Stew 223(10)
Calixthe Beyala
Translators 233(2)
Permissions 235