Colonic Diseases


Colonic Diseases

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Full Description

The Scientification of Gastroenterology During the 20th Century * Science contributes to medicine in three ways: It provides a body of relatively secure knowl edge. Some of that knowledge has been applied to develop technologies which have had a major impact upon the practice and effectiveness of medicine. Last, science offers to medicine a way of thinking. - 1. McCormick [(1993) The Contribution of Science to Medicine. Perspect. Bioi. Med. 16,315.] Awareness of the digestive system began with the dawn of civilization, when man, observing the feeding habits of animals in the surrounding environment, experimented with foods, edible and inedible. Identity came with discoveries of the digestive organs during the 16th and 17th centuries. Function was revealed by physiologic studies of digestion, absorp tion and secretion, metabolism, and motility during the 18th and 19th centuries. Diagnostic access improved with the technological advances of the 20th century. Understanding of gas trointestinal (GI) disease followed the growth of the basic sciences and gastroenterology's involvement in scientific research during the latter half of the 20th century. Early in the 20th century, gastroenterology was yet an undefined activity without clinical or scientific guidelines. Diagnostic approach to the digestive tract was minimal. Valid con cepts of disease were lacking. Visceroptosis, sitophobia, and "colonic autointoxication" were common "diagnoses." Therapeutic resources were scarce.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           v
Preface ix
Contributors xiii
Color Plates xvii
Part I. Colorectal Physiology
Absorption--Secretion and Epithelial Cell 3 (22)
Pradeep K. Dudeja
Ravinder Gill
K. Ramaswamy
Normal Motility and Smooth Muscle Function 25 (10)
Mary Francis Otterson
Neural Regulation of Colonic Motor Function 35 (18)
Kenton M. Sanders
Terence K. Smith
Mucin and Goblet Cell Function 53 (20)
Samuel B. Ho
Laurie L. Shekels
Endocrine Cells of the Colon 73 (12)
Sebastian G. de la Fuente
Christopher R. Mantyh
Theodore N. Pappas
Micronutrients 85 (10)
Emmanuel C. Opara
Aging 95 (10)
Emmanuel C. Opara
Timothy R. Koch
Immunology of the Gastrointestinal Tract 105 (18)
Jonathan R. Fulton
Cynthia A. Cunningham
Christopher F. Cuff
Colonic Lymphatics 123 (18)
Stacey A. Weiland
Yang K. Chen
Probiotics and the Colon: Therapeutic and 141 (22)
Prophylactic Uses
Thomas J. Borody
Patricia L. Conway
Physiology and Pathophysiology of 163 (16)
Colorectal Sensory Processes
Michael D. Crowell
Brian E. Lacy
Part II. Investigation of Disease Processes
Oxidative Stress 179 (12)
Emmanuel C. Opara
Genetic Testing for Colon Cancer 191 (20)
Russell F. Jacoby
Carolyn E. Cole
Inflammation 211 (16)
Cynthia A. Cunningham
Jonathan R. Fulton
Christopher F. Cuff
Epidemiologic Studies and Outcomes Research 227 (16)
in Colonic Diseases
John F. Johanson
Colonoscopy 243 (32)
Donald G. Seibert
Interpretation of Colonic Biopsies in 275 (22)
Patients with Diarrhea
Sarah M. Dry
Galen R. Cortina
Klaus J. Lewin
Anorectal Manometry 297 (24)
Devang N. Prajapati
Walter J. Hogan
Endoanal and Endorectal Ultrasound 321 (14)
Lisa M. Gangarosa
Colonic Transit and Motility 335 (10)
William J. Snape, Jr.
Defecography and Related Radiologic 345 (12)
Vincent H. S. Low
Cross-Sectional Imaging of the Large Bowel 357 (26)
Diego R. Martin
Ming Yang
Paul Hamilton
Part III. Colorectal Disease
Hirschsprung's Disease and Neonatal 383 (12)
Carol Lynn Berseth
Acute Megacolon, Acquired Megacolon, and 395 (14)
Marc Stauffer
Timothy R. Koch
Diverticular Disease 409 (14)
Gordon L. Telford
Susan W. Telford
Mary F. Otterson
Current Understanding of Colorectal 423 (18)
Melanie B. Thomas
Robert A. Wolff
Constipation 441 (18)
Anne Lutz-Vorderbruegge
Arnd Schulte-Bockholt
Crohn's Disease 459 (20)
Amit G. Shah
Stephen B. Hanauer
Ulcerative Colitis 479 (12)
Bret A. Lashner
Irritable Bowel Syndrome 491 (14)
Michael Camilleri
Ischemic Colitis 505 (18)
Peter Grubel
David R. Cave
Surgical Treatments for Colonic Diseases 523 (12)
Joseph P. Muldoon
Steven J. Stryker
Anorectal Disorders 535 (10)
Mohammed M. H. Kalan
Bruce A. Orkin
Index 545