経営倫理の新傾向(全4巻)<br>New Directions in Business Ethics (SAGE Library in Business and Management)

New Directions in Business Ethics (SAGE Library in Business and Management)

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Volume 1: International Perspectives on Business Ethics. Volume 2: New Theoretical Directions. Volume 3: Behavioural Business Ethics. Volume 4: Managing Business Ethics.

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'When two of the leading thought leaders in business ethics pick the best-of-the-best thinking in an area, it's time to listen up. Crane and Matten's striking collection delivers not only the accomplishments of business ethics' past, but the promise of its future' - Thomas Donaldson, Mark O. Winkelman Professor and Director of the Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research, Wharton School, University of PennsylvaniaAs problems such as corruption, financial scandals, food safety, human rights and pollution continue to hit the headlines, business ethics are becoming increasingly central to the global economy. In this four-volume set, two of the leading international figures in the field bring together the most critical and up-to-date academic research in business ethics as it continues to proliferate in new and exciting directions.Volume One: International Perspectives on Business Ethics, provides a comprehensive overview of business ethics in different parts of the world, acknowledging how, with the rise of countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia as key global players, it is critical to capture the range of different ethical approaches represented by these different regions and cultures. Volume Two: New Theoretical Directions explores areas that business ethics scholars are now engaging with, including theories of moral imagination and pragmatism, business ethics as practices and virtues, critical and postmodern perspectives and political and contractarian theories of business ethics.Volume Three: Behavioural Business Ethics, explores how ethical decisions get made. This ranges from studies of psychological reasoning and cognitive moral development to neurobiological examinations of how the brain works when confronted with ethical dilemmas. Volume Four: Managing Business Ethics, for those who practice business ethics, focuses on how to manage ethics in the organization, marking an important new direction in business ethics research. This includes work on ethical leadership, codes of conduct, stakeholder management, and corporate governance.

Table of Contents

Appendix of Sources                                xiii
Volume I International Perspectives on
Business Ethics
Introduction: International Perspectives on xxiii
Business Ethics
Andrew Crane
Dirk Matten
Part 1 Business Ethics in a Global Context
1 Toward a Unified Conception of Business 3 (32)
Ethics: Integrative Social Contracts Theory
Thomas Donaldson
Thomas W. Dunfee
2 The Interfaith Declaration: Constructing 35 (4)
a Code of Ethics for International Business
Simon Webley
3 A Global Ethic in an Age of Globalization 39 (20)
Hans Kung
Part 2 Business Ethics in Different National
and Cultural Contexts
4 Business Ethics: A Japanese View 59 (30)
Iwao Taka
5 FOCUS: A Comparison of Business Ethics in 89 (22)
North America and Continental Europe
Georges Enderle
6 Business Ethics in Latin America 111 (10)
M. Cecilia Arruda
7 Business Ethics in India 121 (14)
S.K. Chakraborty
8 Corruption and Organization in Asian 135 (22)
Management Systems
Yadong Luo
9 Ethical Perceptions in China: The Reality 157 (16)
of Business Ethics in an International
P.C. Wright
W.F. Szeto
S.K. Lee
10 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 173 (14)
in Africa
G.J. Rossouw
Part 3 Business Ethics and Specific Religions
11 The Buddhist Perspective on Business 187 (12)
Ethics: Experiential Exercises for
Exploration and Practice
Stephen J. Gould
12 The Protestant Ethic: Weber's Model and 199 (22)
the Empirical Literature
Harold B. Jones, Jr
13 Catholic Social Teaching in an Era of 221 (16)
Economic Globalization: A Resource for
Business Ethics
Dennis P. McCann
14 The Challenge of Wealth: Jewish Business 237 (14)
Meir Tamari
15 Islamic Ethics and the Implications for 251 (18)
Gillian Rice
16 The Relevance and Value of Confucianism 269 (24)
in Contemporary Business Ethics
Gary Kok Yew Chan
Part 4 Challenges from Contexts of Poor
17 Ethical Business Behavior and 293 (26)
Sustainable Peace
Timothy L. Fort
Cindy A. Schipani
18 Fair Trade and Ethical Trade: Are There 319 (12)
Moves towards Convergence?
Sally Smith
Stephanie Barrientos
19 Business and Human Rights: The Evolving 331 (28)
International Agenda
John Gerard Ruggie
20 Does Global Business Have a 359
Responsibility to Promote Just Institutions?
Nien-he Hsieh
Volume II New Theoretical Directions
Introduction: New Theoretical Directions in vii
Business Ethics
Andrew Crane
Dirk Matten
Part 1 Theories of Moral Imagination and
21 Economics, Business Principles and Moral 3 (14)
Amartya Sen
22 Organization Studies and the New 17 (32)
Pragmatism: Positivism, Anti-Positivism,
and the Search for Ethics
Andrew C. Wicks
R. Edward Freeman
23 Moral Imagination and the Search for 49 (24)
Ethical Decision-Making in Management
Patricia H. Werhane
24 Pragmatism and Contemporary 73 (26)
Business-Ethics Perspectives on the
Sandra B. Rosenthal
Rogene A. Buchholz
25 Is Philosophy Relevant to Applied Ethics? 99 (14)
Richard Rorty
Part 2 Business Ethics as Practices and
26 MacIntyre on Virtue and Organization 113 (18)
Ron Beadle
Geoff Moore
27 Business Ethics as Practice 131 (24)
Stewart Clegg
Martin Kornberger
Carl Rhodes
28 The Conditions of Our Freedom: Foucault, 155 (26)
Organization, and Ethics
Andrew Crane
David Knights
Ken Starkey
Part 3 Critical and Postmodern Perspectives
29 Essai: Business Ethics and Bauman Ethics 181 (18)
Rene ten Bos
30 Business Ethics and Social Theory: 199 (16)
Postmodernizing the Ethical
Martin Parker
31 As if Business Ethics Were Possible, 215 (26)
`Within Such Limits'
Campbell Jones
32 The Impossibility of Corporate Ethics: 241 (18)
For a Levinasian Approach to Managerial
David Bevan
Herve Corvellec
33 Re-searching Ethics: Towards a More 259 (24)
Reflexive Critical Management Studies
Joanna Brewis
Edward Wray-Bliss
Part 4 Political and Contractarian Theories
of Business Ethics
34 The Internal Morality of Contracting: 283 (28)
Advancing the Contractualist Endeavor in
Business Ethics
J. (Hans) van Oosterhout
Pursey P.M.A.R. Heugens
Muel Kaptein
35 Toward a Political Conception of 311 (38)
Corporate Responsibility: Business and
Society Seen from a Habermasian Perspective
Andreas Georg Scherer
Guido Palazzo
36 Corporations as Citizens 349 (34)
Andrew Crane
Dirk Matten
Jeremy Moon
37 Contractarian Business Ethics: 383
Credentials and Design Criteria
Ben Wempe
Volume III Behavioral Business Ethics
Introduction: Behavioral Business Ethics vii
Andrew Crane
Dirk Matten
Part 1 Foundational Models of Ethical
Decision Making
38 Ethical Decision Making in 3 (24)
Organizations: A Person-situation
Interactionist Model
Linda Klebe Trevino
39 Ethical Decision Making by Individuals 27 (34)
in Organizations: An Issue-Contingent Model
Thomas M. Jones
Part 2 Moral Awareness, Choice, and Engagement
40 The Moral Muteness of Managers 61 (16)
Frederick B. Bird
James A. Waters
41 Corporate Transgressions through Moral 77 (10)
Albert Bandura
Gian-Vittorio Caprara
Laszlo Zsolnai
42 Ethical Choice in Managerial Work: The 87 (20)
Scope for Moral Choices in an Ethically
Irrational World
Tony J. Watson
Part 3 Individual-level Influences on Ethical
43 Assessing the Application of Cognitive 107 (14)
Moral Development Theory to Business Ethics
John Fraedrich
Debbie M. Thorne
O.C. Ferrell
44 Religiosity and Ethical Behavior in 121 (34)
Organizations: A Symbolic Interactionist
Gary R. Weaver
Bradley R. Agle
45 How (Un)Ethical Are You? 155 (14)
Mahzarin R. Banaji
Max H. Bazerman
Dolly Chugh
Part 4 Role of Organizational Context in
Shaping Ethical Behavior
46 Moral Mazes: Bureaucracy and Managerial 169 (22)
Robert Jackall
47 The Organizational Bases of Ethical Work 191 (28)
Bart Victor
John B. Cullen
48 Business as Usual: The Acceptance and 219 (26)
Perpetuation of Corruption in Organizations
Vikas Anand
Blake E. Ashforth
Mahendra Joshi
Part 5 Influence of Rewards, Sanctions, and
49 The Link between Ethical Judgment and 245 (34)
Action in Organizations: A Moral
Approbation Approach
Thomas M. Jones
Lori Verstegen Ryan
50 Dishonesty in Everyday Life and Its 279 (20)
Policy Implications
Nina Mazar
Dan Ariely
51 Contagion and Differentiation in 299 (14)
Unethical Behavior: The Effect of One Bad
Apple on the Barrel
Francesca Gino
Shahar Ayal
Dan Ariely
Part 6 Cross-cultural Approaches to Ethical
Decision Making
52 Business Ethics across Cultures: A 313 (20)
Social Cognitive Model
Alexander D. Stajkovic
Fred Luthans
53 Cultural Values and Management Ethics: A 333 (34)
10-Nation Study
Terence Jackson
54 Does National Context Matter in Ethical 367 (20)
Decision Making? An Empirical Test of
Integrative Social Contracts Theory
Andrew Spicer
Thomas W. Dunfee
Wendy J. Bailey
Part 7 Biological Perspectives on Behavioral
55 Business Ethics and the Brain 387 (32)
Rommel Salvador
Robert G. Folger
56 Evolutionary Psychology and Business 419
Ethics Research
David M. Wasieleski
Sefa Hayibor
Volume IV Managing Business Ethics
Introduction: Managing Business Ethics vii
Andrew Crane
Dirk Matten
Part 1 Ethical Leadership
57 Leadership Ethics: Mapping the Territory 3 (22)
Joanne B. Ciulla
58 Ethical Leadership: A Review and Future 25 (40)
Michael E. Brown
Linda K. Trevino
Part 2 Ethics and Compliance Programs
59 Managing Ethics and Legal Compliance: 65 (22)
What Works and What Hurts
Linda Klebe Trevino
Gary R. Weaver
David G. Gibson
Barbara Ley Toffler
60 Ethics Programs and the Paradox of 87 (28)
Jason Stansbury
Bruce Barry
Part 3 Managing Stakeholder Relationships
61 Toward a Theory of Stakeholder 115 (34)
Identification and Salience: Defining the
Principle of Who and What Really Counts
Ronald K. Mitchell
Bradley R. Agle
Donna J. Wood
62 Managing for Stakeholders, Stakeholder 149 (28)
Utility Functions, and Competitive Advantage
Jeffrey S. Harrison
Douglas A. Bosse
Robert A. Phillips
Part 4 Codes of Conduct
63 The Nature of the Relationship between 177 (20)
Corporate Codes of Ethics and Behaviour
M. Schwartz
64 Resisting a Corporate Code of Ethics and 197 (28)
the Reinforcement of Management Control
Sven Helin
Johan Sandstrom
Part 5 Risk Management and Ethics Auditing
65 Integrated Risk Management and Global 225 (12)
Business Ethics
Alejo Jose G. Sison
66 Trust and Dialogue: Theoretical 237 (18)
Approaches to Ethics Auditing
Domingo Garcia-Marza
Part 6 Ethics and Corporate Governance
67 Trust and Control in Anglo-American 255 (24)
Systems of Corporate Governance: The
Individualizing and Socializing Effects of
Processes of Accountability
John Roberts
68 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics 279 (30)
in the Asia-Pacific Region
David Kimber
Phillip Lipton
69 Corporate Governance, Values Management, 309 (20)
and Standards: A European Perspective
Josef Wieland
Part 7 Managing Ethics in the Global Supply
70 Approaches to Child Labour in the Supply 329 (20)
Diana Winstanley
Joanna Clark
Helena Leeson
71 Beyond Codes of Conduct and Monitoring: 349 (18)
An Organizational Integrity Approach to
Global Labor Practices
Michael A. Santoro
72 The Path to Corporate Responsibility 367 (14)
Simon Zadek
73 Suppliers' Compliance with MNCs' Codes 381
of Conduct: Behind the Scenes at Chinese
Toy Suppliers
Niklas Egels-Zanden