Animal Domestication and Behavior

Animal Domestication and Behavior

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Full Description

This text synthesizes existing knowledge of the process of domestication and how domestication has affected the behaviour of captive wild and domesticated animals, including both farm, zoo and companion animals. Three broad themes are addressed: genetic contributions to the process of domestication; experimental contributions to the process of domestication; the process of feraliztion (i.e. the adaptation of domesticated animals when returned to their natural habitat.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Acknowledgments x
Part I: General Aspects
Why Study Domestication? 1 (9)
Domestication Defined 10 (3)
Approaches to the Study of Domestication 13 (8)
Pre-adaptations for Domestication 21 (9)
Part II: Genetic Mechanisms Influencing
Inbreeding 30 (8)
Genetic Drift 38 (5)
Artificial Selection 43 (8)
Natural Selection in Captivity 51 (12)
Relaxation of Natural Selection 63 (9)
Part III: Variation Under Domestication
Genetic Variability and Behavior 72 (11)
Morphological and Physiological Traits 83 (12)
Part IV: Adaptation to the Biological
Feeding and Drinking 95 (12)
Predation, Infectious Diseases and Parasites 107(6)
Interactions with Humans 113(17)
Social Environment 130(12)
Part V: Adaptation to the Physical Environment
Climate and Shelter 142(7)
Use of Space 149(12)
Part VI: Behavioral Development, Feralization
and Animal Welfare
Behavioral Development in Captive Animals 161(21)
Reintroductions and Feralization 182(22)
Welfare and Ethics 204(26)
References 230(53)
Index 283