Refugee Crisis : The Borders of Human Mobility

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Refugee Crisis : The Borders of Human Mobility

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How should we respond to the worst refugee crisis since the World War II? What are our duties towards refugees, and how should we distribute these duties among those at the receiving end of the refugee flow? What are the relevant political solutions? Are some states more responsible for creating the current refugee situation, and if so, should they also carry a larger burden on solving this situation? Is people smuggling always morally wrong? Are some groups, for example children, owed more than others, and should we thus take active measures to remove them from conflict zones? How are the existing refugee regimes, in Europe, North-America, or Australia, challenged by the current crisis? Are some of their measures more justified than others? Refugee Crisis: The Borders of Human Mobility discusses the various ethical dilemmas and potential political solutions to the ongoing refugee crisis, providing both theoretical and practical reflections on the current crisis, as well as the ways in which this crisis has been handled in public debate. The contributors to the volume include some of the most prominent political theorists and experts on the current refugee situation, as well as some of the upcoming young scholars working on the theme. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Global Ethics.

Table of Contents

Citation Information                               vii
Notes on Contributors ix
Introduction --'Refugee Crisis: The Borders of 1 (7)
Human Mobility'
Melina Duarte
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
Serena Parekh
Annamari Vitikainen
1 No safe passage: `the mapping journey 8 (7)
Diana Tietjens Meyers
2 Global displacement and the topography of 15 (9)
Phillip Cole
3 Misplaced idealism and incoherent realism 24 (10)
in the philosophy of the refugee crisis
Sune Laegaard
4 A fair distribution of refugees in the 34 (10)
European Union
Nils Holtug
5 A spectre in Germany: refugees, a 44 (11)
`welcome culture' and an `integration
Nanette Funk
6 Resettling refugees: is private 55 (10)
sponsorship a just way forward?
Patti Tamara Lenard
7 The ethics of people smuggling 65 (16)
Javier Hidalgo
8 Who owes what to war refugees 81 (20)
Jennifer Kling
9 What do we owe refugees: jus ad bellum, 101(18)
duties to refugees from armed conflict
zones and the right to asylum
Jovana Davidovic
10 Human security and the international 119(15)
refugee crisis
Aramide Odutayo
11 The duty to bring children living in 134(19)
conflict zones to a safe haven
Gottfried Schweiger
Index 153