The Contemporary Middle East : A Westview Reader (3TH)

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The Contemporary Middle East : A Westview Reader (3TH)

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Full Description

The Contemporary Middle East provides an accessible introduction to the region's most pressing concerns and enduring conflicts. It includes provocative contributions by an impressive array of leading scholars, journalists, and policy advisors. Contributors include notable academic authors Arthur Goldschmidt Jr., the late William L. Cleveland, Shibley Telhami, David W. Lesch, Bernard Reich, and Phebe Marr, complemented by selections from recent general-interest books by Marwan Bishara, Mark Perry, and Eugene Rogan, among others. With twelve new chapters, the third edition is a probing examination of the current affairs of the Middle East. Its multiple readings on strategic pairings of topics (Israel and the Palestinians, Iraq and Iran, Egypt and Syria) illuminate the region's key issues from a variety of perspectives. Part- and chapter-opening summaries help establish background and context, and a new concluding chapter by Shibley Telhami, written specifically for this volume, candidly addresses fundamental questions about the United States and the Middle East today. Student resources include an annotated table of contents, a select bibliography, a glossary, brief biographies of notable persons, a chronology, and a summary of recent events, in addition to numerous maps.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition                       xi
Acknowledgments xiv
A Note on Editorial Matters xvi
Summary of Recent Events, 2011-2012 xviii
I History and Perspectives
1 The Peoples and Cultures of the Middle 6 (18)
Colbert C. Held
John Thomas Cummings
2 The Roots of Arab Bitterness 24 (13)
Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.
Lawrence Davidson
3 Islamist Perceptions of US Policy in the 37 (10)
Middle East
Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad
4 Global Energy and the Middle East 47 (8)
Steve Yetiv
5 New US Policies for a New Middle East? 55 (12)
William B. Quandt
6 Cairo Speech 67 (24)
Barack Obama
II Israel and the Palestinians
7 Israel and the Arabs, and Beyond 91 (8)
Robert O. Freedman
8 The United States and Israel 99 (21)
Bernard Reich
Shannon Powers
9 The Palestinians 120 (12)
Glenn E. Robinson
10 Sharon's Fence 132 (7)
Idith Zertal
Akiva Eldar
11 Whither the Palestinians? 139 (11)
Samih K. Farsoun
Naseer H. Aruri
12 Ethnicity and Nation-Building in the 150 (12)
State of Israel
Calvin Goldscheider
13 Syria's Threat to Israel 162 (5)
Hirsch Goodman
14 The Iranian Nuclear Threat Against Israel 167 (22)
Steven R. David
III Iraq and Iran
15 Pashtunistan: Afghanistan, 189 (10)
Pakistan---and Iraq
Stephen Tanner
16 The Land and People of Modern Iraq 199 (10)
Phebe Marr
17 Impacts of the Iraq War 209 (9)
James DeFronzo
18 America's Troubled Moment in the Middle 218 (16)
William L. Cleveland
Martin Bunton
19 Maliki Consolidates Power in Post-Saddam 234 (13)
Phebe Marr
20 The Iranian Revolution and Its 247 (12)
David W. Lesch
21 Islamic Republic of Iran: Political 259 (11)
Dynamics and Foreign Policy
Mark Gasiorowski
22 Iran's Regional Foreign Policy 270 (9)
Manochehr Dorraj
23 Iran, Israel, and the United States 279 (5)
Scott Ritter
24 The Iranian Predicament 284 (16)
Michael Axworthy
IV The Islamists
25 Islamists and Democracy: The Egyptian 300 (7)
Muslim Brotherhood
Marwan Bishara
26 Talking to Terrorists: Hamas and 307 (23)
Mark Perry
V The Arab Spring
27 The Arab Spring, 2011 330 (12)
Eugene Rogan
28 Egypt: Mubarak and After 342 (11)
Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.
29 Bashar al-Asad, Syria, and the Arab 353 (7)
David W. Lesch
30 The Arab World at the Intersection of 360 (12)
the National and the Transnational
James L. Gelvin
VI Looking Forward
31 The Contemporary Middle East: Some 372 (14)
Questions, Some Answers
Shibley Telhami
Select Bibliography 386 (8)
William L. Cleveland
Martin Bunton
Glossary 394 (11)
Notable Persons 405 (3)
Chronology Since World War I 408 (4)
Index 412