In the Shadow of the Prophet : The Struggle for the Soul of Islam (Reprint)

In the Shadow of the Prophet : The Struggle for the Soul of Islam (Reprint)

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Full Description

Based on in-depth interviews with scores of key Islamic leaders and thinkers, journalist Milton Viorst explores the economic and intellectual straitjacket in which traditional Islam has placed the Middle East. The Middle East has long been a volatile yet vital region in world politics. In his captivating new book, In the Shadow of the Prophet , journalist Milton Viorst illuminates the complex struggle to reconcile the Muslim communitys fierce determination to live by traditional Islamic law and beliefs with the desire for economic and political power in todays world. Throughout the Middle East, a rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism has attempted to overturn moderate or secular government, creating in its place an Islamic state based on the ancient moral code of Muhammads time. Conservative and fundamentalist sects are violently at odds with those Muslims who feel Islam must find a way to integrate science and democracy into Islamic life. Without an opening up of Islam, the Middle East will continue to lag far behind the West and even emerging Third World nations in terms of its military power, economic might, and general standards of living.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           xi
Through the Damascus Gate 3 (28)
The Murder of Farag Foda 31 (47)
The Prophet and the Book 78 (30)
Sudan: The Islamic Experiment 108(33)
Making the Shari'a 141(33)
Khomeini's Triumph 174(30)
The Saudi Dilemma 204(33)
The Anguish of Algeria 237(38)
The Beleaguered Muslims of France 275(29)
The Hashemite Option 304(27)
Notes 331(6)
Selected Bibliography 337(8)
Glossary 345(2)
Index 347