Fanny Dunbar Corbusier : Recollections of Her Army Life, 1869–1908

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Fanny Dunbar Corbusier : Recollections of Her Army Life, 1869–1908

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Full Description

Born in Baltimore in 1838, Fanny Dunbar grew up in Louisiana to a family who survived the hardships of the Civil War. An intelligent, sensitive woman, Fanny experienced a radical life change when she met William Henry Corbusier, a Yankee officer and army surgeon. Her memoir recounts their subsequent forty-eight year marriage.The events of Fanny's life are sometimes amusing but more often dramatic. The Corbusiers moved frequently, but Fanny made moving an art form, often selling all the family possessions to avoid high shipping rates. She learned to cope with primitive living conditions and harsh climates. She raised five sons at posts with no schools. But Fanny took her job as a mother seriously, providing her sons with a broad education and a nurturing home.Corbusier's long life and her husband's thirty-nine-year career in the army (recounted in his memoir Soldier, Surgeon, Scholar) allow the reader to experience the period between the Civil War and World War I in totality, including her exceptional memories of the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection.As the recollections of two people whose lives played out against a world panorama, Fanny and William's memoirs together provide a rare opportunity to examine events of frontier military life from both male and female perspectives.""Mrs. Corbusier writes from the unique perspective of a surgeon's wife, and we have a picture not only of an army wife, but of an army wife who saw many different aspects of frontier military life and frontier life in general."" - Charles M. Robinson, author of General Crook and the Western Frontier and A Good Year to Die: The Story of the Great Sioux War""Of the memoirs penned by wives of nineteenth-century army officers, this is among the best and most detailed. The woman's perspective of events that transpired in the Indian-fighting army is a much needed counterbalance to the male-dominated histories of these same events."" - Darlis Miller, author of Mary Hallock Foote: Author-Illustrator of the American WestFanny Dunbar Corbusier was the career army wife of officer-surgeon William Henry Corbusier. Patricia Y. Stallard, retired federal civil servant and education specialist with the United States Navy Recruiting Command, is the author of Glittering Misery: Dependents of the Indian Fighting Army, published by the University of Oklahoma Press.

Table of Contents

        List of Illustrations                      ix
Introduction xi
``Of More than Ordinary Interest'': The 3 (6)
Early Life of Fanny Dunbar, Maryland,
Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama,
``His Pay Was $125.00 a Month and a 9 (6)
Ration'': En Route to Fort McDermit,
Nevada, April--December 1869
``Pi-u-je Papoosee'': Fort McDermit, 15 (10)
Nevada, January 1870--December 1871
``Dry Salted Codfish and a Glass of 25 (7)
Champagne'': En Route to Camp Date Creek,
Arizona, Territory, November 1872--January
``Making Soup from a Stone'': Camp Date 32 (8)
Creek, Arizona Territory,
January--September 1873
``I Felt Like the Lady in the Circus'': 40 (6)
Back to Elmira, New York, September
1873--September 1874
``Sand and Cedar'': Following the Trail of 46 (12)
Colonel Dodge, New Mexico and Arizona
Territories, September--October 1874
``John Brown Had a Little Indian'': Rio 58 (8)
Verde Indian Reservation and Camp Verde,
Arizona Territory, October 1874--May 1875
``The Almighty Made It Last'': Arizona 66 (5)
Territory and Elmira, New York, May
1875--May 1876
``Proceed without Delay'': Southern 71 (8)
Sojourns, May 1876--November 1877
``We Could Improvise Anything Necessary for 79 (7)
Living the Simple Life'': Camp Sheridan,
Nebraska, November 1877--April 1880
``It's an Army Wagon, and Painted Blue!'': 86 (8)
Camp Sheridan, Nebraska, and Pine Ridge
Agency, Dakota Territory, 1878--1880
``To Worship in Their Own Fashion'': An 94 (4)
Oglala Dance in the Sun, Dakota Territory,
June 1879
``Thirty Miles from Water and Ten Feet to 98 (6)
Hell'': En Route from Camp Sheridan to Fort
Washakie, Wyoming Territory, April 27--June
1, 1880
``Heap Papoose Pretty Soon'': Fort 104(10)
Washakie, Wyoming Territory, June
1880--October 1881
``The Woods Here Were a Delight to Us'': 114(15)
Back East to Elmira and Fort Mackinac,
Michigan, October 1881--September 1884
``But of the Ice We Had None'': Forts Bowie 129(23)
and Grant, Arizona Territory, October
1884--October 1888
``He Was Not Wicked but Only Unfortunate'': 152(33)
Forts Hays, Lewis, and Leavenworth, Kansas
and Colorado, October 1888--July 1890
``All of My Darling Boys'': Fort Wayne and 185(9)
Mackinac, Michigan, July 1890--July 1893
``No Way for Husband and Wife to Live'': 194(7)
Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Fort Supply,
Indian Territory, July 1893--September 1894
``The Day Was One Never to Be Forgotten'': 201(10)
Michigan Schools, New York City, and Fort
Monroe, Virginia, September 1894--September
``Raised beneath the Flag'': Angel Island, 211(7)
California, October 1897--August 1898
``All My Dear Ones Are with Me in Spirit'': 218(8)
Elmira, New York, August 1898--April 1900
``All the Years of Anxiety Have Broken Me 226(4)
Down'': Elmira, New York, April--July 1900
``The Most Beautiful Blue I Had Ever 230(6)
Seen'': Fort Columbus, New York; Fort
Crook, Nebraska; and the Far East, August
1900--August 1903
``No te vayas de Zamboanga'': Mindanao, 236(9)
August 1903--August 1905
``They Came in Vintas Decorated with Red 245(6)
and White'': Zamboanga, Mindanao, September
1905--January 1906
``Home, Sweet Home'': United States, 251(5)
February 1906--June 1908
``And Looked Out at the Moon and Stars'': 256(9)
Addenda by William Henry Corbusier, June
1908--February 1918
Afterword: ``Little Mother'' 265(6)
Notes 271(54)
Bibliography 325(11)
Index 336