Histories and Historicities in Amazonia


Histories and Historicities in Amazonia

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Full Description

Anthropologist Neil L. Whitehead presents a collection of recent fieldwork and the latest theoretical perspectives that illuminate how a range of Native communities in the Amazon River basin, and those they encounter, use the past to make sense of their world and themselves. In recent decades, scholars have become increasingly aware of the role the past plays in the construction of culture and identity. Not only can the past be represented and codified overtly in various ways and media as a history, it also operates more fundamentally and pervasively in cultures as a mode of consciousness or way of thinking about the world, a historicity. In addition to examining the particular foundations and significance of history and historicity in such communities as the Guaja, Wapishana, Dekuana, and Patamuna, the contributors to this volume consider more broadly how different natural and cultural features can help shape historical consciousness: landscape and territory; rituals such as feasting; genealogy and kinship; and even the practice of archaeology. Also of interest are activist uses of historicity to promote and legitimize the cultural integrity and political agendas of Native communities, especially in contact situations past and present where multiple and often competing forms of history and historicity play important political roles in articulating relations between colonizers and the colonized. As this volume makes clear, understanding the powerful cultural role of the past helps scholars better appreciate the inherent dynamic quality of all cultures and recognize a rich resource of agency that can be used both to comprehend and to transform the present

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       vii
Neil L. Whitehead
Landscape and Cartography
From Keeping It Oral to Writing to Mapping: 3 (30)
The Kuyujani Legacy and the De'kuana
Self-Demarcation Project
Domingo A. Medina
The Arawak-Speaking Groups of Northwestern 33 (26)
Amazonia: Amerindian Cartography as a Way
of Preserving and Interpreting the Past
Silvia M. Vidal
Three Patamuna Trees: Landscape and History 59 (22)
in the Guyana Highlands
Neil L. Whitehead
Contact and Power
Power Encounters 81 (26)
Berta E. Perez
Rebellious Memories: The Wapishana in the 107(16)
Rupununi Uprising, Guyana, 1969
Nadia Farage
The Cultural Transformation of History
Decolonizing History: Ritual Transformation 123(18)
of the Past among the Guaja of Eastern
Loretta Cormier
Guyanese History, Makuski Historicities, 141(22)
and Amerindian Rights
Mary Riley
The Archaeology of History
Cana: The Role of Aguardiente in the 163(16)
Colonization of the Orinoco
Franz Scaramelli
Kay Tarble
Ceremonial Feasting in the Colombian and 179(24)
Venezuelan Llanos: Some Remarks on Its
Sociopolitical and Historical Significance
Rafael Gasson
Bibliography 203(24)
List of Contributors 227(4)
Index 231