Pythagoras : His Life, Teaching, and Influence


Pythagoras : His Life, Teaching, and Influence

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One of the most important mathematical theorems is named after Pythagoras of Samos, but this semi-mythical Greek sage has more to offer than formulas. He is said to have discovered the numerical nature of the basic consonances and transposed the musical proportions to the cosmos, postulating a "harmony of the spheres." He may have coined the words "cosmos" and "philosophy." He is also believed to have taught the doctrine of transmigration of souls and therefore to have advised a vegetarian diet.Ancient legends have Pythagoras conversing with dogs, bears, and bulls. A distinctly Pythagorean way of life, including detailed ritual regulations, was observed by his disciples, who were organized as a secret society. Later, Pythagorean and Platonic teachings became fused. In this Platonized form, Pythagoreanism has remained influential through medieval Christianity and the Renaissance down to the present.Christoph Riedweg's book is an engaging introduction to the fundamental contributions of Pythagoras to the establishment of European culture. To penetrate the intricate maze of lore and ascertain what history can tell us about the philosopher, Riedweg not only examines the written record but also considers Pythagoras within the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual context of his times. The result is a vivid overview of the life and teachings of a crucial Greek thinker and his most important followers.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Fiction and Truth: Ancient Stories about 1 (41)
Pythagoras' Appearance 2 (3)
Biographical Information 5 (15)
Pythagoras as a Teacher 20 (22)
In Search of the Historical Pythagoras 42 (56)
The Cultural-Historical and Intellectual 44 (4)
The Oldest Testimonies 48 (12)
Guru and Scholar 60 (30)
Did Pythagoras Invent the Word Philosophy? 90 (8)
The Pythagorean Secret Society 98 (16)
Were the Pythagoreans an Ancient ``Sect''? 98 (6)
The Pythagoreans in the Fifth and Fourth 104(10)
Centuries B.C.E.
Thinkers Influenced by Pythagoras and His 114(21)
Pre-Platonic Thinkers 114(2)
Plato and the Old Academy 116(3)
Hellenistic ``Forgeries'' and 119(9)
Pythagoras as an Idea in the Middle Ages 128(7)
and Modernity---A Prospect
Chronology 135(6)
Abbreviations 141(4)
Notes 145(18)
Bibliography 163(14)
Index 177