Church & State : Lutheran Perspectives


Church & State : Lutheran Perspectives

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Full Description

In an age marked by controversy over public support of religious schools, federal encouragement of religious providers of social services, and sexuality education, the whole arena of church-state relations appears in flux.In this volume, seven experts probe the meaning of religion in public life for Christians when the "Protestant establishment" has given way to pervasive religious pluralism and a growing secularism. Working specifically out of Lutheran traditions, the authors probe the deeper legal, moral, and religious questions at issue in the current debate. They not only rethink classical sources about law and gospel and two-kingdoms theory but also resurrect neglected resources for Christian civil resistance. They then look to contemporary developments and show how functional interaction of church and state is compatible with their strong institutional separation. Finally, three chapters probe the most hotly contested First Amendment questions: religious liberty, education, and land use.

Table of Contents

Contributors                                       viii
Preface ix
John R. Stumme
Robert W. Tuttle
Part I The Tradition Revisited
The Confessional Basis of Lutheran Thinking 3 (17)
on Church-State Issues
Mary Jane Haemig
Church and State Are Established by God 4 (4)
for Specific Purposes
The Confessional Perspective 8 (6)
Distinguishes and Upholds the Functions
of Church and State and Recognizes Their
Theological Guidelines or Limiting 14 (3)
New Issues Not So New 17 (2)
Conclusion 19 (1)
Toward a Lutheran ``Delight in the Law of 20 (31)
the Lord'': Church and State in the Context
of Civil Society
Gary M. Simpson
Our Originating Confessions 21 (8)
Luther's Critical Theology of Political 29 (12)
Authority, Accountability, and Resistance
The Nascent Heritage of Lutheran 41 (3)
Resistance Today
The State, Civil Society, and 44 (6)
Congregations as Public Companions
Epilogue 50 (1)
A Lutheran Tradition on Church and State 51 (23)
John R. Stumme
Beyond Separationism 51 (5)
The Integrity of Church and State 56 (5)
The Interaction of Church and State 61 (3)
Religious Freedom for All 64 (4)
A Public Witness 68 (6)
Promoting the General Welfare: Lutheran 74 (21)
Social Ministry
Susan Kosche Vallem
Faith and Care for Poor People 75 (2)
Care for Poor People in the Lutheran 77 (3)
Development of Social Welfare in the 80 (2)
United States
Church and State Cooperation 82 (1)
Constitutional Questions 83 (2)
Welfare Reform 85 (3)
A Lutheran Response 88 (7)
Part II The Legal Contexts of Church-State
Religious Liberty: A Constitutional Quest 95 (24)
Myles C. Stenshoel
The Religion Clauses 96 (1)
The Fourteenth Amendment: Liberty and Due 97 (1)
The Major Increase of Church/State 98 (1)
A New Focus on Personal Religious Liberty 99 (1)
The Court's Competing Rationales of the 100 (8)
Religion Clauses
Merging the Rationales of Religious 108 (2)
Criteria for an Acceptable Rationale of 110 (5)
Religious Liberty
Testing the Principles under the Criteria 115 (3)
An Unfinished Quest 118 (1)
We Must Spare No Diligence: The State and 119 (21)
Childhood Education
Marie Failinger
Lutheran Themes on Church and World 120 (3)
State Regulation of Religious Education 123 (2)
Religion in the Public Schools 125 (7)
Values Education in the Public Schools 132 (2)
The State's Responsibility for Providing 134 (6)
Love Thy Neighbor: Churches and Land Use 140 (29)
Robert W. Tuttle
Introduction 141 (1)
Regulation of Religious Land Uses 142 (4)
Protection of Religious Land Uses 146 (19)
Land Use and Free Exercise 165 (4)
Appendix: Major Religion Decisions, 1940--2000 169 (3)
Notes 172 (36)
Index of Cases 208 (2)
Index of Names and Subjects 210