Living, Leading, and the American Dream

Living, Leading, and the American Dream

  • JOSSE(2003/05発売)
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Full Description

Liberty and duty, freedom and responsibility. That's the deal. John W. Gardner' life was dedicated to revitalizing the American Dream and in this text he lays out what it means to be a leader in American society. It is a call to action for business leaders, civic leaders and concerned citizens to step up and take action to create the world in which we want to live. Moving from the personal to the community to the society, the essays and speeches collected in this transformational volume define Gardner's vision on the individual and the greater good. This is a vision founded on Gardner's belief that Americans as a people want freedom at home and a world in which freedom is possible.

Table of Contents

    Foreword (Bill Moyers).
About John W. Gardner.
About the Editor.
PART ONE: A Life in Action—and
1. Glimpses of My Life.
Looking back I see a California boy finding
his way through life, endlessly challenged,
surmounting ob