In the Wake of Tacoma : Suspension Bridges and the Quest for Aerodynamic Stability

In the Wake of Tacoma : Suspension Bridges and the Quest for Aerodynamic Stability

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Full Description

"In the Wake of Tacoma" is the first comprehensive treatment of the changes the 1940 collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge has imposed on the design of suspension bridges. Designed as a historical narrative, this heavily illustrated book describes design trends before the collapse, the collapse itself and the investigations to determine its cause. The book goes on to examine subsequent aerodynamic and other design developments and their application in suspension bridges worldwide over the six decades following the collapse. "In the Wake of Tacoma" also provides a comprehensive reference work on suspension bridges in general, examining virtually every suspension bridge of note built in the past six decades, and highlighting overall development of the state of the art today. It goes beyond the major, well-known bridges to examine many small- and mid-span suspension bridges worldwide that have contributed significantly to the modern development of the form. Also covered are the engineering debates and engineers involved, and discussions of bridges under construction, under design, and new design concepts and materials to conquer the huge distances envisaged for such crossings as the Messina and Gibraltar straits. Presented in easy-to-understand, non-technical language, this book should appeal to both engineers and non-engineers with an interest in bridges and engineering in general.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           vii
Introduction ix
Acknowledgments xv
Turbulent Beginnings
Roots in Antiquity 1 (1)
Modern Beginnings in America and Europe 2 (5)
Maturity in America---Ellet and Roebling 7 (6)
A New Found Confidence
Emerging Concepts 13 (4)
A Proliferation of Concepts 17 (5)
A Generation of Enormous Spans 22 (7)
The Plate Girder Suspension Bridge
European Origins 29 (2)
Early Applications in America 31 (2)
Steinman and the Thousand Island and Deer 33 (4)
Isle bridges
Ammann's Bronx-Whitestone Bridge 37 (4)
Epiphany at the Tacoma Narrows
The Rise and Fall of the Tacoma Narrows 41 (12)
The Aftermath of the Collapse 53 (2)
Reminders of History 55 (3)
Back to the Future 58 (5)
The Autopsy Results 63 (4)
The Carmody Board and the Dynamic Role of 67 (4)
A Difficult Rebirth
The Insurance Battles, Replacing Gertie, 71 (2)
the Dismantling
A Litany of Theories---the Cable Truss and 73 (4)
The Advisory Board on the Investigation of 77 (5)
Suspension Bridges
Steinman Rebuts and the Development of 82 (7)
Stiffness Indexes
Aerodynamic Phenomena and Suspension Bridges 89 (6)
Retrenchment in America
War-Related Spans 95 (3)
The Rebirth of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge 98 (5)
Other Early Post-Tacoma Efforts 103(6)
The Legacies of Two Giants
Steinman's Triumph at Mackinac 109(8)
Steinman's Closure---the St. Lawrence and 117(2)
Prelude to the Verrazano-Narrows---the Walt 119(3)
Whitman and Throgs Neck bridges
Ammann's Final Legacy---the 122(9)
European Reconstruction and Revolution
The Continent Rebuilds 131(8)
Great Britain Stirs 139(6)
The Forth Road Bridge 145(4)
Revolution Across the River Severn 149(10)
A Renaissance of Ideas
Fritz Leonhardt and the Monocable 159(4)
Suspension Bridge
Prestressed Concrete Suspension Bridges and 163(2)
Cable Trusses
Pipeline Suspension Bridges and other 165(5)
Imaginative Concepts
Bridge across the Tagus---Innovation in 170(9)
The Twilight of American Dominance
Return to the West Coast 179(5)
The Rise of Prefabricated Parallel Wire 184(6)
Canadian Developments 190(5)
American Twilight 195(6)
The Box Girder Comes of Age
The Lillebælt Bridge, Denmark 201(5)
Spanning the Bosporus at Istanbul, Turkey 206(6)
The Humber Bridge, England 212(9)
The Box Girder---Problems, Politics, and
Severn Under Siege 221(5)
Intrigue across the Bosporus 226(8)
Hong Kong's Box-like truss---the Tsing Ma 234(9)
The Scandinavian Experience
A Unique Norweigian Legacy 243(7)
The Storebælt East Bridge, Denmark 250(12)
Hoga Kusten Bridge, Sweden 262(5)
Japan's Remarkable Evolution
Early Beginnings 267(3)
Crossing the Threshold---the Kanmon and 270(3)
Linking Honshu and Shikoku 273(7)
The Seto Ohashi 280(7)
The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge---A Giant Reborn 287(7)
The Kurushima Triumvirate 294(3)
Beyond Honshu and Shikoku 297(6)
China's Meteoric Rise
A Second Revolution 303(8)
New Bridge---The Near Future
Spans on the Cusp 311(11)
The Allure of the Messina Strait 322(12)
Ultralong-Span Suspension Bridges and
Aerodynamic Stability
Achieving Ultralong-Span Stability 334(5)
A Plethora of Fantastic Schemes 339(6)
The Legacy of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
The Evolving Science of Bridge Aerodynamics 345(6)
The Problematic Plate Girder 351(5)
The Legacy of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge 356(3)
References 359(4)
Bibliography 363(12)
Appendix 375(2)
Index 377