Brand Driven : The Route to Integrated Branding through Great Leadership


Brand Driven : The Route to Integrated Branding through Great Leadership

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Full of inspiring real-life cases.

Full Description

Brand Driven moves the boundaries of branding beyond logos, advertising, and even marketing, and into the responsibility of every leader at every level within the organization. These leaders shape how organizations work and define the customers' experience. This book offers a fresh approach to how leaders can create more customer value using the brand as their guide.F Joseph LePla, Suan V Davis and Lynn M Parker combine their experiences with leading organizations to show the various ways every organization can become brand driven. Each chapter provides focused discussion and tools that leaders can use to direct employees and other stakeholders to create and maintain unbreakable customer relationships.Leaders who read Brand Driven will walk away feeling more knowledgeable and focused on what they can immediately do to manage and increase brand value.

Table of Contents

Map                                                x
Acknowledgements xii
Preface xiv
Brand Driven: The Route to Integrated
Branding Through Great Leadership
CHAPTER 1 Why Take the Trip? 3 (17)
The Secret to Creating Loyal Customers 7 (4)
Integrated Branding Defined 11 (1)
The Integrated Branding Process 12 (4)
Every Leader's Journey 16 (1)
Travel Guide to Living the Integrated 17 (3)
CHAPTER 2 Determine Your Destination 20 (18)
Point of Interest: Would a Clear Brand 23 (1)
Have Made a Difference?
Creating Your Brand and Brand 23 (15)
Structure: The Nine Steps
CHAPTER 3 Tools for Navigation 38 (15)
Defining Your Brand Tools 39 (10)
Point of Interest: A Brand Tools 49 (1)
After Brand Clarity 50 (3)
CHAPTER 4 Are You Road Ready? 53 (21)
Aligning Group Actions 53 (3)
Brand Commitment Levels 56 (6)
Obtaining Sponsorship to Achieve 62 (1)
Integrated Branding
Point of Interest: Create a Customer 63 (2)
Experience Model
Point of Interest: Testing for 65 (1)
Overcoming Barriers to Company Alignment 66 (1)
Point of Interest: Trust Builder Test 67 (3)
Point of Interest: Strengths and 70 (2)
Weaknesses Inventory
Road Ready: A Final Check 72 (2)
CHAPTER 5 Plan the Itinerary 74 (17)
What's In a Brand Strategy? 75 (3)
Take the First Step 78 (1)
Point of Interest: Brand Strategy 79 (1)
Questions Every Leader Should Ask
A Brand Planning Template 80 (5)
Brand Strategy and Business Threats 85 (3)
Action and Reaction 88 (3)
CHAPTER 6 Communicate Your Destination 91 (13)
Communicate and Demonstrate Brand Tools 92 (4)
Point of Interest: Test Employees' 96 (1)
Understanding of Your Brand Promise
Visualizing the Destination 96 (8)
CHAPTER 7 Rules of the Road 104(15)
Look for Rules of the Road 106(4)
Point of Interest: Looking for Rules of 110(1)
the Road
Aligning Rules of the Road to Your 111(2)
Brand Promise
Point of Interest: Reinforcing Rules of 113(2)
the Road
Point of Interest: Downplaying Rules of 115(2)
the Road
Point of Interest: Creating New Rules 117(2)
of the Road
CHAPTER 8 What Are You Driving? 119(21)
Six Culture Types 120(18)
Point of Interest: What Is Your 138(2)
Corporate Culture Type?
CHAPTER 9 Rev Your Engines 140(17)
Job Clarity: A Platform for Brand Action 141(1)
Point of Interest: Defining Jobs Using 142(2)
Your Brand
Recruitment: Finding the Right 144(5)
Candidates to Build Your Integrated
Orientation: Born Into the Brand 149(1)
Organisation Structure: Avenues and 150(7)
CHAPTER 10 Keep People Moving 157(16)
A Framework for Effective Leadership 158(3)
Point of Interest: Find Your Brand 161(5)
Point of Interest: Maintain Connection 166(1)
Put It All Together 166(1)
Barriers to Effective Leadership 167(4)
Growing Effective Leaders 171(2)
CHAPTER 11 Landmarks Along the Way 173(21)
Internal Landmarks 174(9)
Point of Interest: Discover Language 183(1)
that Symbolises Your Brand
External Landmarks 184(5)
Point of Interest: How to Create a 189(1)
Brand Landmark
Gearing Up 189(5)
CHAPTER 12 Are We There Yet? 194(23)
Benchmarking Your Integrated Brand 196(1)
Internal Measurements 196(6)
Point of Interest: Brand Suggestion Box 202(1)
External Measurements 202(6)
Brand ROI Measurement 208(2)
Point of Interest: Do a Brand Check Now 210(1)
Measurements Abound 210(4)
Next Steps: The Journey Action Plan 214(3)
Excursions - Specific Application of Living
the Integrated Brand
CHAPTER 13 Rerouting Existing 217(14)
Point of Interest: Does Your 218(1)
Organisation Need Revitalisation?
Six Ways to Revitalise 219(9)
Create a Brand Strategy that Keeps 228(3)
Things Fresh
CHAPTER 14 The Start-Up Leader's Journey 231(17)
When to Begin Brand Work 234(2)
Start-Up Myths that Are Self Defeating 236(2)
Creating a Brand-Based Business Plan 238(1)
How to Define Your Customer Experience 239(6)
Point of Interest: Turning Your 245(3)
Start-Up into a Sustainable Brand
CHAPTER 15 The Non-Profit Leader's Journey 248(13)
Serving Three Masters: Your Clients, 249(4)
Volunteers and Donors
Leading the Charge with a Shoestring 253(2)
Point of Interest: Solidify Your 255(1)
Constituents' (Your Three Masters)
The Challenge and Potential of 255(6)
Non-Profit Structures
CHAPTER 16 The Healthcare Leader's Journey 261(14)
The State of Healthcare Branding 262(1)
The Antidote to Commodity Healthcare 263(6)
Point of Interest: Clarifying Customer 269(2)
Tipping Points: Build Brand Momentum 271(2)
Point of Interest: The Ten Steps to a 273(2)
Sustainable Healthcare Brand
CHAPTER 17 The Merger & Acquisition 275(26)
Leader's Journey
The Problem with Mergers and 277(1)
Things to Consider When Designing a 278(3)
Brand-Based Merger and Acquisition
Getting the Most Value Out of a M&A 281(8)
The Parker Lepla Brand-Based Due 289(3)
Diligence Model
Some Examples of Doing It Right 292(3)
Point of Interest: What to Ask During 295
Brand-Based Due Diligence
PART III References
CHAPTER 18 Pocket Travel Guide to Living 301(16)
the Integrated Brand
Glossary 317(5)
About the Authors 322(3)
Index 325