Between Empire and Alliance : America and Europe during the Cold War

Between Empire and Alliance : America and Europe during the Cold War

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The steadfast alliance between America and Europe represents one of the most important and complex political relationships in the modern world. But with the end of the Cold War, America and Europe seem to be drifting apart. In Between Empire and Alliance, scholars from both sides of the Atlantic examine the most intense phase of the Cold War-the quarter century from 1950 to 1974-to explore the ever-changing relationship between the United States and Europe. At the height of the Cold War, America took on the role of Europe's great protector, but rather than create a sense of safety for the Europeans, this dependence on an outside power for protection became the source of great anxiety in Europe. Using archival documents that have only recently become available, the contributors consider the political, social, and economic implications of specific American policies on European nations and, more importantly, the role of American support in the drive for European unification. Providing a picture of U.S.-European relations both during the Cold War and today, Between Empire and Alliance sheds new light on the future of America and Europe.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 America, Europe, and German Rearmament, August-September 1950: A Critique of a Myth Chapter 3 "A General Named Eisenhower": Atlantic Crisis and the Origins of the European Economic Community Chapter 4 Trigger-happy Protestant Materialists? The European Christian Democrats and the United States Chapter 5 The United States and the Opening to the Left, 1953-1963 Chapter 6 Hegemony or Vulnerability? Giscard, Ball, and the 1962 Gold Standstill Proposal Chapter 7 Western Europe and the American Challenge: Conflict and Cooperation in Technology and Monetary Policy, 1965-1973 Chapter 8 Georges Pompidou and U.S.-European Relations