The Chinese Revolution in the 1920s : Between Triumph and Disaster

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The Chinese Revolution in the 1920s : Between Triumph and Disaster

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The authors of this collection explore the main aspects of the Chinese Revolution in the crucial period of the 1920s, such as the United Front policy, the development of communism, the Guomindang perspective, institutional issues, and social movements.

Table of Contents

Notes on contributors                              vii
Transcription and abbreviations x
Introduction xi
PART I United Front policy 1 (74)
Patterns of propaganda organization in the 3 (27)
National-revolutionary Movement in China in
the 1920s
Marianne Bastid-Bruguiere
Bolshevik concepts of the Chinese Revolution, 30 (14)
Alexander V. Pantsov
The Comintern and the Guomindang: a clash of 44 (8)
strategy in China's Revolution
Iurii M. Garushiants
A ``Bloc Within'' or a ``Bloc Without''? 52 (14)
Controversies on the CCP's attitude towards
the Guomindang before and after 20 March 1926
Roland Felber
Moscow's policy towards the 66 (9)
National-revolutionary Movement in China: the
military aspect, 1923-1927
Anastasia I. Kartunova
PART II The role of Chiang Kaishek 75 (64)
Perspectives on Chiang Kaishek's early 77 (21)
thought from his unpublished diary
Yang Tianshi
A reassessment of Chiang Kaishek and the 98 (27)
policy of alliance with the Soviet Union,
Yu Miin-Ling
Chiang Kaishek between revolution and 125(14)
militarism, 1926/27
Tim Trampedach
PART III Institutional issues 139(46)
The Chinese National Revolution and the 141(15)
Eighth ECCI Plenum: exploring the role of the
Chinese delegate ``Chugunov''
Ishikawa Yoshihiro
The Far Eastern Bureau of the ECCI in China, 156(10)
Alexander M. Grigoriev
The Anti-imperialist League and the Chinese 166(11)
Hans Piazza
A regular Chinese voice from Berlin to 177(8)
Moscow: the China-information of Liao
Huanxing, 1924-1927
Joachim Kruger
PART IV Social movements 185(122)
The realpolitik and legacy of labor activism 187(35)
and popular mobilization in 1920s Greater
Ming K. Chan
Moscow and the second and third armed 222(22)
uprisings in Shanghai, 1927
Steve Smith
Inscribing gender codes: male-feminists in 244(17)
the early CCP
Christina K. Gilmartin
Two versions of the ``peasant-agrarian 261(14)
question'' in China: Comintern vs. Guomindang
Alexander A. Pisarev
Peasants, peasant uprisings and agrarian 275(14)
revolution, 1927--1931: an analysis of
internal Comintern materials and contemporary
Mechthild Leutner
Anti-imperialism at grassroots: Christianity 289(18)
and the Chinese Revolution in Northeast
Guangdong, 1919--1930
Thoralf Klein
PART V Research project 307(12)
The Joint Project on the RCP(B), the 309(10)
Comintern and China: initial results
Mikhail L. Titarenko
Index 319