T.ピケティ(共)著/いかにヨーロッパを民主化するか<br>How to Democratize Europe


How to Democratize Europe

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An all-star cast of scholars and politicians from Europe and America propose and debate the creation of a new European parliament with substantial budgetary and legislative power to solve the crisis of governance in the Eurozone and promote social and fiscal justice and public investment.The European Union is struggling. The rise of Euroskeptic parties in member states, economic distress in the south, the migrant crisis, and Brexit top the news. But deeper structural problems may be a greater long-term peril. Not least is the economic management of the Eurozone, the nineteen countries that use the Euro. How can this be accomplished in a way generally acceptable to members, given a political system whose structures are routinely decried for a lack of democratic accountability? How can the EU promote fiscal and social justice while initiating the long-term public investments that Europe needs to overcome stagnation? These are the problems a distinguished group of European and American scholars set out to solve in this short but valuable book.Among many longstanding grievances is the charge that Eurozone policies serve large and wealthy countries at the expense of poorer nations. It is also unclear who decides economic policy, how the interests of diverse member states are balanced, and to whom the decision-makers are accountable. The four lead authors-Stephanie Hennette, Thomas Piketty, Guillaume Sacriste, and Antoine Vauchez-describe these and other problems, and respond with a draft treaty establishing a parliament for economic policy, its members drawn from national parliaments. We then hear from invited critics, who express support, objections, or alternative ideas.How to Democratize Europe offers a chance to observe how major thinkers view some of the Continent's most pressing issues and attempt to connect democratic reform with concrete changes in economic and social policies.

Table of Contents

Preface to the English Edition                     ix
Abbreviations xiii
Introduction 1 (8)
Part One Another Europe Is Possible
1 The Euro-ization of Europe: The 9 (37)
Extra-mural Rise of the Government of the
Euro and the Redefinition of the `European
Guillaume Sacriste
Antoine Vauchez
2 On the Legal Feasibility of a Treaty to 46 (7)
Democratize the Governance of the Euro Area
3 What Would the Parliamentary Assembly of 53 (5)
the Euro Area Look Like?
4 What to Do if Some Member States Reject 58 (5)
the Proposed Treaty?
Part Two Draft Treaty on the Democratization
of the Governance of the Euro Area (T-Dem)
5 Explanatory Statement 63 (3)
6 Draft Treaty on the Democratization of 66 (23)
the Governance of the Euro Area (T-Dem)
Part Three Debate Now!
7 Europe's Constituent Moment 89 (6)
Jeremy Adelman
Anne-Laure Delatte
8 Ten Thoughts on the Treaty Democratizing 95 (5)
the Euro Area (T-Dem)
Paul Magnette
9 For a Demoicratization of Eurozone 100 (9)
Kalypso Nicolaidis
10 The European Parliament Is the 109 (6)
Parliament of the Euro Area
Pierre Moscovici
11 A Eurozone Congress 115 (7)
Luuk van Middelaar
Vestert Borger
12 The Economy Is a Polity: Implications 122 (9)
for the New Modes of Economic Governance in
the EU
Christian Joerges
13 In Search of Lost Sovereignty 131 (6)
Iphigenie Kamtsidou
14 Reconciling Democratic Sovereignty with 137 (13)
Economic and Monetary Integration: T-Dem in
Dialogue with the German Constitutional
Ulrike Liebert
15 Citizen-Based Paths of Democratization 150 (11)
for the EU without New Treaty Making
Rui Tavares
Part Four Rejoinders
16 The T-Dem: Why? How? 161 (9)
17 European Parliamentary Sovereignty on 170 (8)
the Shoulders of National Parliamentary
18 Europeanizing Politics, Politicizing 178 (7)
19 Manifesto for the Democratization of 185 (6)
Manon Bouju
Lucas Chancel
Anne-Laure Delatte
Stephanie Hennette
Thomas Piketty
Guillaume Sacriste
Antoine Vauchez
Glossary 191 (6)
Contributors 197 (2)
Index 199