Antimatter : The Ultimate Mirror (Reprint)


Antimatter : The Ultimate Mirror (Reprint)

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  • 製本 Paperback:紙装版/ペーパーバック版/ページ数 213 p.
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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 2000.

Full Description

In 1928 the physicist Paul Dirac predicted the existence of antimatter in a mirror world, where the electrical charges on particles would be opposite to those of ordinary matter. This mirror world is found, fleetingly, at the quantum level, with positrons the counterpart of electrons, and antiprotons the opposite of protons. This book introduces the world of antimatter without using technical language or equations. The author shows how the quest for symmetry in physics slowly revealed the properties of antimatter. When large particle accelerators came on line, the antimatter debris of collisions provided new clues on its properties. This is a fast-paced and lucid account of how science fiction became fact.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Science fiction becomes science fact 1 (12)
Mirror worlds 13 (14)
An imbalanced kit of electrical parts 27 (18)
The quantum master 45 (20)
Positive proof 65 (12)
The back passage of time 77 (18)
The quark and the antiquark 95 (14)
Broken mirrors 109(18)
The cosmic cork-screw 127(14)
Antiparticle collision course 141(16)
Setting a trap for antimatter 157(14)
Glue versus antichemistry 171(10)
Antimatter in action 181(14)
Antimatter of the utmost gravity 195(14)
Names index 209(2)
Subject index 211