Antarctic Fish and Fisheries (Studies in Polar Research)

Antarctic Fish and Fisheries (Studies in Polar Research)

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Table of Contents

Part I. The Ecology of Antarctic Fish: 1.
2. The evolution of the fish fauna of the
Southern Ocean
3. The composition of the fish fauna
4. Classification of the Notothenioidei
5. Geographical and bathymetric distribution of
the fish fauna
6. Adaptations to the environment
7. Reproduction and early life history
8. Age, growth, mortality and biomass estimates
9. The significance of fish in the ecosystem
10. Parasites
11. Future research
Part II. Antarctic Fisheries: 12. The
commercially exploited species
13. The development of the fishery
14. Trends in the fishery
15. Fishing grounds and fishing conditions
16. Fish detection and catching methods
17. Fishery products
18. The development of fish stock assessment
and fisheries management in the Southern Ocean
19. The effect of fishing on single stocks
20. Detrimental effect of krill fishing on
21. Effects of fishing and fishery-related
activities on other components of the marine
ecosystems of the Southern Ocean
22. Approaches to a more effective fisheries
management in the Southern Ocean
23. Perspectives for a future fish harvest from
the Southern Ocean.