Mammal Community Dynamics : Management and Conservation in the Coniferous Forests of Western North America

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Mammal Community Dynamics : Management and Conservation in the Coniferous Forests of Western North America

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Full Description

Conservation of mammals in the coniferous forests of western North America has shifted in recent years from species-based strategies to community- and ecosystem-based strategies, resulting in an increase in the available information on mammalian communities and their management. This book provides a synthesis of the published literature on the role of forest mammals in community structure and function, with emphasis on their management and conservation. In addition to coverage of some of the charismatic megafauna such as grizzly bears, gray wolves, mountain lions, elk and moose, the book also provides a thorough treatment of small terrestrial mammals, arboreal rodents, bats, medium-sized carnivores, and ungulates. The unique blend of theoretical and practical concepts makes this book equally suitable for managers, educators, and research biologists who will find it a valuable reference to the recent literature on a vast array of topics on mammalian ecology.

Table of Contents

Foreword Jack Ward Thomas
Part I. Management and Conservation Issues for
Various Taxa: 1. Introduction and historical
perspective C. Zabel and R. Anthony
2. Forests and woodlands of western North
America M. Hemstrom
3. Faunal composition and distribution of
mammals in western coniferous forests T. Lawlor
4. Habitat ecology and conservation of bats in
western coniferous forests J. Hayes
5. Ecological relationships of terrestrial
small mammals in western coniferous forests J.
Hallet, M. O' Connell and C. Maguire
6. Ecology and conservation of arboreal rodents
of western coniferous forests W. Smith, J.
Waters, R. Anthony, N. Dodd and C. Zabel
7. Small and mid-sized carnivores S. Buskirk
and W. Zielinski
8. Ecology, conservation and restoration of
large carnivores in western N. America K.
9. Ungulates in western coniferous forests:
habitat relationships, population dynamics and
ecosystem processes J. Kie, R. Terry Bowyer and
K. Stewart
Part II. Community and Ecosystem Relations: 10.
Relationships among fungi and small mammals in
forested ecosystems D. Luoma, J. Trappe, A.
Claridge, K. Jacobs and E. Cazares
11. Ecology of coarse woody debris and its role
as habitat for mammals W. McComb
12. The ecological role of tree-dwelling
mammals in western coniferous forests K. Aubry,
J. Hayes, B. Biswell and B. Marcot
13. The role of ungulates and large predators
on plants, community structure and ecosystem
processes in national parks F. Singer, G. Wang,
and N. Hobbs
14. The role of the lynx-hare cycle in boreal
forest community dynamics S. Boutin, C. Krebs,
R. Boonstra and A. Sinclaire
15. Association of mammals with riparian
ecosystems in Pacific Northwest forests R.
Anthony, A. O'Connell, M. Pollock and J. Hallet
Part III. Conservation Issues and Strategies:
16. Small mammals in a landscape mosaic:
implications for conservation K. Martin and W.
17. Measuring and interpreting changes in
connectivity for mammals in coniferous forests
L. Scott Mills, M. Schwartz, D. Tallmon, K. Lair
18. An evolutionary and behavioural perspective
on dispersal and colonization of mammals in
fragmented landscapes J. Wolff
19. The functional diversity of mammals in
coniferous forests of western North America B.
Marcot and K. Aubry
20. Synthesis and future perspective R. Anthony
and C. Zabel