Introduction to Chemical Principles : A Laboratory Approach (7TH)


Introduction to Chemical Principles : A Laboratory Approach (7TH)

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Full Description

Don't go to the lab without it! INTRODUCTION TO CHEMICAL PRINCIPLESLABORATORY APPROACH teaches you to collect and analyze experimental data with ease using 36 class-tested experiments. Work Pages and Report Sheets for each experiment offer a convenient and efficient way for you to record your data as you work. Advance Study Assignments, Sample Calculations, and laboratory and safety procedures are just a few of the tools that will help you complete your lab experiments successfully.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            v
Introduction Safety in the Laboratory 1 (14)
Properties and Changes of Matter 15 (10)
The Chemistry of Some Household Products 25 (10)
Separation of Cations by Paper 35 (10)
Densities of Liquids and Solids 45 (14)
Simplest Formula of a Compound 59 (12)
Hydrates 71 (14)
Percentage of Oxygen in Potassium Chlorate 85 (10)
Calorimetry 95 (12)
Chemical Names and Formulas: A Study 107(24)
Chemical Equations: A Study Assignment 131(22)
Mole Ratio for a Chemical Reaction 153(8)
Types of Chemical Reactions 161(10)
Qualitative Analysis of Some Common Ions 171(10)
Separation of Cations 181(10)
Molecular Models: A Study Assignment 191(12)
Molar Volume of a Gas 203(12)
Molar Mass Determination by Freezing-Point 215(16)
The Conductivity of Solutions: A 231(14)
Net Ionic Equations: A Study Assignment 245(22)
Titration of Acids and Bases: An 267(2)
Titration of Acids and Bases-I 269(12)
Titration of Acids and Bases---II 281(8)
Determination of a Chemical Equation 289(10)
A Study of Reaction Rates 299(14)
Chemical Equilibrium 313(14)
Measurement of pH with Indicators 327(12)
Introduction to Oxidation-Reduction 339(12)
Nomenclature of Simple Organic Compounds: A 351(18)
Study Assignment
Hydrocarbons and Alcohols 369(10)
Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids 379(10)
Esters 389(8)
Preparation of Aspirin 397(12)
Preparation and Properties of a Soap 409(10)
Carbohydrates 419(10)
Lipids 429(10)
Amino Acids and Proteins 439(10)
Enzymes 449(22)
Significant Figures 460(1)
Dimensional Analysis 461(1)
Avogadro's Number Moles 462(1)
Formula Writing 463(1)
Equation Balancing Types of Reactions 464(1)
Stoichiometry 465(1)
Atomic Structure 466(1)
Gases 467(1)
Solutions 468(1)
Oxidation Reduction 469(1)
Acids and Bases 470(1)
Appendix 471