Sulphur Cycling on the Continents : Wetlands, Terrestrial Ecosystems and Associated Water Bodies (Scope)

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Sulphur Cycling on the Continents : Wetlands, Terrestrial Ecosystems and Associated Water Bodies (Scope)

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Full Description

This is the third and final product of SCOPE's International Sulphur project. The volume addresses areas not fully covered in the earlier volumes such as sulphur cycling in wetlands and terrestrial ecosystems and lakes. It also includes a summary chapter on the cycling of sulphur through the atmosphere with both natural and industrial sources of sulphur. Additionally, there are summaries of the latest information on biogenic fluxes of sulphur from tropical ecosystems to the atmosphere. Theoretical approaches for viewing the interactions of sulphur with other element cycles in a variety of ecosystems and reviews of sulphur cycling in particular types of ecosystems, such as wetlands, lakes, coastal seas, forests, agricultural systems and rice fields, are all presented in the book.


An Overview of the Atmospheric Sulphur Cycle (D. Whelpdale); Exchange of Sulphur Between Biosphere and Atmosphere Over Temperate and Tropical Regions (M. Andreae & W. Jaeschke); The Interactions of Sulphur with Other Element Cycles in Ecosystems (R. Howarth & J. Stewart); Sulphur Cycling in Marine and Freshwater Wetlands (A. Giblin & R. Wieder); An Overview of the Environmental Chemistry of Sulphur in Wetland Systems (G. Luther & T. Church); Sulphur Cycling and Fluxes in Temperate Dimictic Lakes (R. Cook & C. Kelly); Interaction of Carbon, Sulphur and Oxygen Cycles in Continental and Marginal Seas (A. Lein & M. Ivanov); Sulphur Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems (M. Mitchell, et al.); Sulphur Cycling in Upland Agricultural Systems (J. Schoenau & J. Germida); Sulphur Cycling in Rice Wetlands (R. Lefroy, et al.); Summary and Conclusions (J. Stewart & R. Howarth); Appendix; Index.