Aerosol Sampling : Science and Practice

Aerosol Sampling : Science and Practice

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The study of the behaviour of aerosols has been an acknowledged branch of science in its own right ever since man became aware that ordinary atmospheric air consisted not only of gas molecules but also of suspended particles of matter - liquid or solid. Its practical importance was also recognized at an early stage, notably that the presence of airborne particles - although inevitable - is usually undesirable from the point of view not only of human health but also of atmospheric visibility, climate and general nuisance. The need to measure aerosols thus became closely linked with attempts to control and limit them. The aim of this text is to provide researchers, aerosol scientists and hygienists with a scientific framework essential to a working knowledge of the processes relevant to aerosol sampling. A description of experimental methods is followed by details of the evolution of practical sampling techniques.


Fluid mechanical background; aerosol mechanical background; experimental methods in aerosol sampler studies; the nature of air flow near aerosol samplers; aspiration efficiency of a thin-walled sampler in moving air; aspiration efficiency of a blunt sampler in moving air; aspiration efficiency of a sampler in calm air; effects of turbulence and electrostatic forces on aspiration efficiencies of samplers; wall effect contributions to sampler performance; criteria for practical aerosol sampling; sampling in stacks and ducts; sampling probes for stack sampling; sampling for coarse aerosol in workplaces; sampling for fine aerosol fractions in workplaces; sampling for aerosols in the ambient atmosphere; aerosol spectrometers; general sampling considerations.