Historical Change of Large Alluvial Rivers : Western Europe

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Historical Change of Large Alluvial Rivers : Western Europe

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Full Description

This volume contains a series of essays which detail the geographical changes and evolution of European rivers since the 18th century. The rivers examined include the Rhone, the Meuse, the Rhine, the Elbe, the Deuro, the Ebro, the Garonne, the Po and the Weser.


Historical analysis of fluvial hydrosystems, G.E.Petts; impact of 18th and 19th century river training works - three case studies from Switzerland, D.Vischer; hydro-climatic fluctuations of some European rivers since 1800, J.L.Probst; hydrological changes of the Rhone river, H.Vivian; use of cartographic sources for analyzing river channel change with examples from Britain, J.M.Hooke and C.E.Redmond; cartography of rivers in France, J.-P.Bravard and J.Bethemont; evolution of the Po river - an example of the application of historical maps, G.Braga and S.Gervasoni; evidence for historical heavy metal pollution in floodplain soils - the Meuse, M.C.Rang and C.J.Shouten; palaeoecological analysis of large rivers - some principles and methods, C.Amoros and G.van Urk; the Lower Rhine - geomorphological changes, G.van Urk and H.Smit; the Lower Rhine - palaeoecological analysis, A.Klink; changes in fish stocks and fisheries - the lower Elbe river, H.Moller; changes of the fish fauna of the River Duero, J.Lobon-Cervia et al; fish and fisheries of the River Ebro - present state and recent history, A.de Sostoa and J.Lobon-Cervia; historical changes of the Garonne River, southern France, H.Decamps et al; recent historical changes of the Belgian Meuse, J.C.Micha and M.-C.Borlee; historical changes of the River Weser, D.Busch et al; ecological changes of the French Upper Rhone since 1750, A.L.Roux et al.