Computation of Singular Solutions in Elliptic Problems and Elasticity

Computation of Singular Solutions in Elliptic Problems and Elasticity

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Full Description

The stress field in composite elastic media often contains singularities, in particular at the intersections of interfaces with boundaries. These singularities yield 'infinite' values of the stress, leading in practice to damage such as delamination or fracture. This book describes two new methods of computing the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of singularities, leading to a full description of their structure. The necessary results from singularity theory are explained, and many examples are included. The book also gives several important applications in engineering, such as boundary layers in composite plates and slightly perturbed corners.


Introduction; Examples of Separation of Variables and Applications; Laplace Equation in Two-Dimensional Problems; Regularity Theory for Elliptic Problems; Transmission Problem for an Elliptic Equation; Elasticity Problems in Two Independent Variables; Three-Dimensional Problems with Edges; Slightly Perturbed Corners; Composite Plates in Traction; Miscellaneous Comments and Open Problems; References; Index.