Novel Diarrhoea Viruses (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Novel Diarrhoea Viruses (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Concentrates on the novel diarrhoea viruses, including the atypical rotaviruses; The enteric adenoviruses; Small round viruses such a astroviruses, caliciviruses and Norwalk virus; And the Berne and Breda Viruses.

Full Description

Diarrhoea is responsible for many millions of infant deaths in developing countries. In 50% of cases of infant diarrhoeal disease the causative agent is not identified. Diarrhoeal outbreaks in adults and in farm or domestic animals can also present serious problems. This book concentrates on the 'novel' diarrhoea viruses, which have emerged as an important cause of diarrhoea in both humans and animals. The 'novel' or atypical rotaviruses (non-group A), the enteric adenoviruses, several types of small round virus (including astroviruses, caliciviruses and Norwalk virus) and the group of Berne and Breda viruses are all examined. Research workers from various disciplines present the current state of knowledge and discuss the nature of these viruses, their identification and their histopathological effects. Immunological problems in vaccine development and research needs in the field of novel diarrhoea viruses are also considered. This symposium is primarily for virologists, both human and veterinary, and epidemiologists. Molecular biologists, public health workers (especially in developing countries) and pathologists will find it valuable and informative.

Table of Contents

  Novel Rotaviruses in Animals and Man.
Nucleic Acid-Based Analyses of Non-Group A
Seroepidemiology and Molecular Epidemiology
of the Chinese Rotavirus.
Enteric Adenoviruses.
Astroviruses: Human and Animal.
Small Round Viruses: Classification and Role
in Food-Borne Infections.
The Candidate Caliciviruses.
Immunobiology of Norwalk Virus.
Toroviridae: A Proposed New Family of
Enveloped RNA Viruses.
Breda and Breda-Like Viruses: Diagnosis,
Pathology and Epidemiology.
Comparative Pathology of Infection by Novel
Diarrhoea Viruses.
Clinical Trials of Rotavirus Vaccines.
The Diagnostic Gap in Diarrhoeal Aetiology.
Final General Discussion.
Chairman's Closing Remarks.
Index of Contributors.
Subject Index.