Advances in Mass Spectrometry 1985 (2-Volume Set) : 10th International Mass Spectrometry Conference (Advances in Mass Spectrometry)

Advances in Mass Spectrometry 1985 (2-Volume Set) : 10th International Mass Spectrometry Conference (Advances in Mass Spectrometry)

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Full Description

The triennial International Mass Spectrometry Conferences are widely regarded as the most important international event in mass spectrometry because of the comprehensive and up-to-date picture of world wide state-of-the-art results presented. The proceedings of the 10th Conference are no exception. They contain the full text of the plenary and keynote lectures and extended abstracts in two volumes.


PLENARY LECTURES: Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Biology, Pharmacology and Medicine; Mechanistic Aspects of Organic Mass Spectrometry as Exemplified by the Experimental/Theoretical Study of Ionized Keto/Enol Tautomers; Instrumentation in Mass Spectrometry; Developments in the Theory of Mass Spectrometry; The Physical Chemistry of Ion Reactions, Clusters and Macromolecules; KEYNOTE LECTURES: GC/MS Employed with Chemical Ionization Sources for Studies of Positive and Negative Ions; Mass Spectrometry in Geo- and Cosmo- Chemistry; Fragmentation Studies by Means of Translational Spectroscopy; Mass Spectrometric Studies of Halley's Comet; 14C Dating by Mass Spectrometry; Mass Spectrometric Studies at High Temperatures Using the Knudsen-Cell Method; Stereo-Electronic Factors in Mass Spectrometry; Investigation of the Structures of Large Molecules with Special References to Glycoconjugates; Analysis of Inorganic Solids and Solutions by Plasma-Source Mass Spectrometry; Ion Thermochemistry and Energetics, a Convergence of Theory and Experiment; Ionization Methods in Mass Spectrometry; Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry; Ab-Initio Calculations on Positive Ions; Low-Energy Ion/Molecule Reactions; The Combination of Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry; Superaccurate Determination of Atomic Masses by Ion Cyclotron Resonance; Photodissociation of Ions; Cluster Ions; Quantitative Mass Spectrometry in the Biomedical Sciences; Application of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance in Analytical and Ion Chemistry Studies; Charge-Permutation Reactions; Charge-Stripping Reactions of High- Energy Ions; Tandem Mass Spectrometry; Laser Microprobe Mass Analysis for Microscopical Characterisation; Desorption Techniques in Bio-Medical and Pharmaceutical Research; The Influence of Internal Energy on Unimolecular and Bimolecular Ion/Molecule Reactions; Negative Ions; Stable Isotopes in the Life Sciences.