Janice Van Cleave's Scientists through the Ages


Janice Van Cleave's Scientists through the Ages

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Full Description

Profiles of some of history's greatest scientists-- and fun experiments that demonstrate their theories! Janice VanCleave's Scientists Through the Ages profiles the lives and work of more than twenty-five important thinkers in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. This exciting book includes short biographies of the scientists, descriptions of their contributions to science, and simple experiments that reveal some of their most important discoveries. You'll meet scientists from every part of the world and every age, from Archimedes to Einstein, Galileo Galilei to Maria Mitchell, and Mary Anning to Marie Curie. Every experiment can be performed at home or in the classroom with safe, inexpensive materials. So find out how these famous scientists made life better for all of us, and start your own explorations with these fun and easy experiments!


Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART IAstronomers. 2. Biologists. 3. Chemists. 4. Earth Scientists. 5. Physicists. PART II: SCIENTISTS. 6. Alhazen. 7. Mary Anning. 8. Archimedes. 9. Alexander Graham Bell. 10. Rachel Carson. 11. Marie and Pierre Curie. 12. Thomas Alva Edison. 13. Albert Einstein. 14. Alexander Fleming. 15. Benjamin Franklin. 16. Galileo Galilei. 17. Caroline and William Herschel. 18. Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier. 19. Henrietta Leavitt. 20. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. 21. Maria Mitchell. 22. Sir Isaac Newton. 23. Louis Pasteur. 24. Sir Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford). 25. Rosalyn Sussman Yalow. Appendix: Red Cabbage Indicator. Scientist Timeline. Glossary. Index.