High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O : Technologies and Applications


High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O : Technologies and Applications

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  • 言語 ENG
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Full Description

Due to the growth of Internet-driven applications, issues such as storage capacity and access speed have become critical in the design of today's computer systems. Book fills the need for a readily-accessible single reference source on the subject of high-performance, large scale storage and delivery systems. It contains the latest information and future directions of disk arrays and parallel I/O.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           ix
Preface xi
I Introduction to Redundant Disk Array 1 (64)
A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive 3 (12)
Disks (RAID)
David Patterson
Garth Gibson
Randy Katz
Disk System Architectures for High 15 (20)
Performance Computing
Randy H. katz
Garth A. Gibson
D. Patterson
The Performance of Parity Placements in Disk 35 (20)
Edward K. Lee
Randy H. Katz
A Performance Comparison of RAID-5 and 55 (10)
Log-Structured Arrays
Jai Menon
II Advanced Disk Array Architectures 65 (82)
Parity Logging Overcoming the Small Write 67 (14)
Problem in Redundant Disk Arrays
Daniel Stodolsky
Garth Gibson
Mark Holland
Distributed RAID - A New Multiple Copy 81 (9)
Michael Stonebroker
Gerhard A. Schloss
The HP AutoRAID Hierarchical Storage System 90 (17)
John Wilkes
Richard Golding
Carl Staelin
Tim Sullivan
Scalable Distributed Log Structured Arrays 107(10)
Witold Litwin
Jai Menon
Comparison of Sparing Alternatives for Disk 117(12)
Jai Menon
Destage Algorithms for Disk Arrays with 129(18)
Non-Volatile Caches
Anujan Varma
Quinn Jacobson
III Fault Tolerance Issues in Disk Arrays 147(62)
Failure Correction Techniques for Large Disk 149(12)
Garth A. Gibson
Lisa Hellerstein
Richard M. Karp
Randy H. Katz
David A. Patterson
Tolerating Multiple Failures in RAID 161(12)
Architectures with Optimal Storage and
Uniform Declustering
Guillermo A. Alvarez
Walter A. Burkhard
Flaviu Cristian
Parity Declustering for Continuous Operation 173(14)
in Redundant Disk Arrays
Mark Holland
Garth A. Gibson
The EVENODD Code and its Generalization 187(22)
Mario Blaum
Jim Brady
Jehoshua Bruck
Jai Menon
Alexander Vardy
IV Caching and Prefetching 209(74)
RAPID-Cache---A Reliable and Inexpensive 211(13)
Write Cache for Disk I/O Systems
Yiming Hu
Qing Yang
Tycho Nightingale
Informed Prefetching and Caching 224(21)
R. Hugo Patterson
Garth A. Gibson
Eka Ginting
Daniel Stodolsky
Jim Zelenka
Practical Prefetching Techniques for 245(14)
Multiprocessor File Systems
David Kotz
Carla Schlatter Ellis
Design Issues of a Cooperative Cache with no 259(12)
Coherence Problems
Toni Cortes
Sergi Girona
Jesus Labarta
Collective Buffering: Improving Parallel I/O 271(12)
Bill Nitzberg
Virginia Lo
V Parallel File Systems 283(104)
The Vesta Parallel File System 285(24)
Peter F. Corbett
Dror G. Feitelson
The Zebra Striped Network File System 309(21)
John H. Hartman
John K. Ousterhout
PPFS: A High Performance Portable Parallel 330(14)
File System
James V. Huber Jr.
Christopher L. Elford
Daniel A. Reed
Andrew A. Chien
David S. Blumenthal
The Global File System 344(20)
Steven R. Soltis
Thomas M. Ruwart
Grant M. Erickson
Kenneth W. Preslan
Matthew T. O'Keefe
Serverless Network File Systems 364(23)
Thomas E. Anderson
Michael D. Dahlin
Jeanna M. Neefe Mathews
David A. Patteson
Drew S. Roselli
Randolph Y. Wang
VI Parallel I/O Systems 387(88)
Parallel I/O Subsystems in Massively Parallel 389(19)
Dror G. Feitelson
Peter F. Corbett
Sandra Johnson Baylor
Yarsun Hsu
RAID-II: A High-Bandwidth Network File Server 408(12)
Ann L. Chervenak
Ken Shirriff
John H. Hartman
Ethan L. Miller
Srinivasan Seshan
Randy H. Katz
Ken Lutz
David A. Patterson
Edward K. Lee
Peter M. Chen
Garth A. Gibson
Petal: Distributed Virtual Disks 420(11)
Edward K. Lee
Chandramohan A. Thekkath
A Cost-Effective, High-Bandwidth Storage 431(14)
Garth A. Gibson
David F. Nagle
Khalil Amiri
Jeff Butler
Fay W. Chang
Howard Gobioff
Charles Hardin
Erik Riedel
David Rochberg
Jim Zelenka
RAID-x: A New Distributed Disk Array for 445(8)
I/O-Centric Cluster Computing
Kai Hwang
Hai Jin
Roy S. C. Ho
Designing a Self-Maintaining Storage System 453(11)
Satoshi Asami
Nisha Talagala
David A. Patterson
Modeling and Evaluation of Fibre Channel 464(11)
Storage Area Networks
Xavier Molero
Federico Silla
Vicente Santonja
Jose Duato
VII Parallel I/O Programming Paradigms 475(62)
Overview of the MPI-IO Parallel I/O Interface 477(11)
Peter Corbett
Dror Feitelson
Sam Fineberg
Yarsun Hsu
Bill Nitzberg
Jean-Pierre Prost
Marc Snier
Bernard Traversat
Parkson Wong
Disk Resident Arrays: An Array-Oriented I/O 488(11)
Library for Out-of-Core Computations
Ian Foster
Jarek Nieplocha
Active Disks: Programming Model, Algorithms 499(14)
and Evaluation
Anurag Acharya
Mustafa Uysal
Joel Saltz
Disk-directed I/O for MIMD Multiprocessors 513(24)
David Kotz
VIII Parallel I/O Applications and Environments 537(78)
Applications-Driven Parallel I/O 539(9)
Nicholas P. Galbreath
William D. Gropp
David M. Levine
Comparing Multimedia Storage Architectures 548(7)
Benoit A. Gennart
Roger D. Hersch
High Availability in Clustered Multimedia 555(11)
Renu Tewari
Daniel M. Dias
Rajat Mukherjee
Harrick M. Vin
An Architecture for a Scalable 566(10)
High-Performance Digital Library
R. Grossman
X. Qin
W. Xu
H. Hulen
T. Tyler
I/O Requirements of Scientific Applications: 576(19)
An Evolutionary View
Evgenia Smirani
Ruth A. Aydt
Andrew A. Chien
Daniel A. Reed
Mitra: A Scalable Continuous Media Server 595(20)
Shahram Ghandeharizadeh
Roger Zimmermann
Weifeng Shi
Reza Rejaie
Douglas J. Ierardi
Ta-Wei Li
IX Emerging Technologies and Future Trends 615(52)
An Introduction to the InfiniBand Architecture 617(16)
Gregory F. Pfister
XML, Hyper-media, and Fortran I/O 633(12)
Dror G. Feitelson
Tomer Klainer
I/O Programming Paradigms: Past and Future 645(10)
Mahmut Taylan Kandemir
Alok Choudhary
Scientific Applications using Parallel I/O 655(12)
Ron Oldfield
David Kotz
Index 667