51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors

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51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors

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Full Description

"51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors" chronicles the incredible successes -- and near-misses -- of Canadian investors who employ strategies designed by Canada's best-selling real estate author, Don R. Campbell. In his first two best-sellers, "Real Estate Investing in Canada" and "97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors," Campbell shows what it takes to succeed in real estate investing. In his third book, Campbell casts a spotlight on the success stories of investors as well as exploring examples of occasions when investing initiatives do not go so well. In his assessments, Campbell illustrates how to avoid these circumstances and what to learn from them. The end result is further proof that Campbell's time-proven techniques and in-depth knowledge are essential reading for every real estate investor in Canada.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Acknowledgements xii
Introduction xiii
SECTION ONE Overcoming Personal Adversity
Success Story #1 Real Estate Brings the 3 (5)
Family Together
Donna Hamilton
Success Story #2 Veteran Pastor Uses Real 8 (5)
Estate to Make a Difference in the Community
Scott Lewis
Laurie Lewis
Success Story #3 Perseverance Over Life's 13 (4)
Major Hurdles, No Matter How High they Are
Irene Gluckie
Success Story #4 Don't Wait until a Near 17 (5)
Death Experience to Get Started
Greg Bueckert
Success Story #5 From the Brink of Disaster 22 (5)
to the Brink of Success
Jules McKenzie
Success Story #6 If At First You Don't 27 (5)
Succeed ... Find A Better Mentor!
Domenic Mandato
Success Story #7 Single Mom of Three Finds 32 (5)
a Way to Make It Happen
Tana Wheatcroft
Success Story #8 Focus on the 37 (4)
Positive---but Don't Ignore the Risks
Diane Duckett
Success Story #9 Learning Disability Is No 41 (5)
Excuse for Not Being Successful
Philip McKernan
Pauline McKernan
Success Story #10 A Four-Year Journey to a 46 (4)
Financially Secure Future
Simone Robinson
Ernest Robinson
Success Story #11 Adversity: The Mother of 50 (6)
Brian Smeenk
Success Story #12 Don't Waite to Take 56 (5)
Action, No Matter What Your Age
John Waite
Nicky Waite
Success Story #13 The Grass Isn't Always 61 (7)
Greener on the Other Side
Trudi Johnston
Val Novak
SECTION TWO Focus on Family and Friends
Success Story #14 Free College Education 68 (5)
for Your Kids
Donna Sylvestre
Success Story #15 Put All Your Eggs in One 73 (4)
Basket, Then Watch that Basket Closely
Carla Smiley
Bill Smiley
Success Story #16 How Making Goals Means 77 (4)
Giving Back
Betty Patterson
Gerry Patterson
Success Story #17 Avoid Swinging for the 81 (5)
Homerun---Look for Good, Solid Singles and
Darren Skovmose
Success Story #18 Nothing Like a Little 86 (6)
Brotherly Competition
Eric Gonneau
Mark Gonneau
Success Story #19 Encouraging Their Renters 92 (5)
to Become Owners Leads to Long-Term Tenants
Audrey Sloan
Cassandra Sloan
Success Story #20 Partnership with 97 (5)
Mother-in-Law Sparks Growth
Colleen McGinnis
Ryan Chernesky
Success Story #21 True Results Take Time 102 (5)
Tiffany Young
Corey Young
Success Story #22 Don't Let Your University 107 (9)
Degree Get in Your Way
Navaz Murji
Success Story #23 Don't Be Afraid to 116 (5)
Ask---They Might Surprise You and Say Yes
Winnielee Chuus
Success Story #24 "You're Not the 121 (5)
Babysitter, You're the Parent!"
Claudio Gambetti
Success Story #25 Leave Something on the 126 (5)
Table for the Next Person
Patricia Scanlon
Ricardo Melendro
Success Story #26 Get It Done ... But Do It 131 (4)
Paul Falkowski
Bob Holm
Success Story #27 You Can Always Get What 135 (8)
You Want
Catherine Brooker
Mindy Lamont
SECTION THREE Jumping Off the Proverbial Cliff
Success Story #28 When You're in a Hole, 143 (6)
Quit Digging!
Troy Sirett
Bonnie Sirett
Success Story #29 Perfectionism Is 149 (6)
Definitely Not Perfect
Arden Dalik
Success Story #30 Saw the Diamonds in the 155 (5)
Marnie Griffiths
Ryan Griffiths
Success Story #31 Saw the Future 20 Years 160 (4)
Ahead---and It Wasn't Pretty
Dan Heon
Success Story #32 The Treadmill Leading to 164 (5)
Russell Westcott
Success Story #33 Flexibility Is Critical 169 (4)
in Sports and Real Estate Investing
Krista Hope
Jared Hope
Success Story #34 Toys Are Fun, but They 173 (3)
Keep You on the Treadmill
Jason Mattern
Success Story #35 Surround Yourself with 176 (5)
Brad McDonald
Success Story #36 Work Hard Today, Let Your 181 (4)
Money Work Hard Tomorrow
Jayson Sidhu
Success Story #37 Losing My Job Was the 185 (8)
Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me
Ken Wilson
SECTION FOUR Following Proven Systems
Success Story #38 He Not Only Found a 193 (6)
Niche---He Created One from Scratch
Valden Palm
Success Story #39 Focus on Changing Other 199 (4)
People's Lives, and Yours Will Change Too!
Marco Santoro
Tanya Santoro
Success Story #40 Respect Is a Two-Way 203 (4)
Sharon Trenaman
Amy Jo Strutt
Success Story #41 Work Hard and Treat 207 (6)
Investing Like a Business
Tasha Adams
Owen Shaw
Success Story #42 Being Busy Is a Great 213 (5)
Excuse for Creating Systems
Mark Healy
Success Story #43 Remove Emotions by 218 (4)
Investing Halfway Around the World
Todd Millar
Danielle Millar
Success Story #44 Focus on the 222 (3)
Numbers---They'll Take You Where You Want
to Go
Daryl Zelinski
Success Story #45 Real Estate Grabbed Him 225 (5)
at Only 16 Years Old
Wally Janzen
Success Story #46 The Ultimate Systemizer 230 (4)
Tony Peters
Success Story #47 One Word: Freedom 234 (5)
Valerie Pawluk
Success Story #48 The Balanced Portfolio 239 (4)
Strategy---A Shortcut to Success
Shamim Rajan
Aman Rajan
Success Story #49 The First Deal Is the 243 (4)
Jas Kullar
Success Story #50 An Oasis in His Personal 247 (4)
Dan Barton
Greg Gillespie
Success Story #51 How to Turn One Cottage 251 (4)
into Five Investment Properties by Opening
Your Eyes
Felica Kelso
Appendix: Property Goldmine Score Card 255