Psychiatric Diagnosis : Patterns and Prospects (World Psychiatric Association)

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Psychiatric Diagnosis : Patterns and Prospects (World Psychiatric Association)

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Full Description

Psychiatric diagnosis is one of the most important topics within the broad field of psychiatry. Clear, accurate definitions of the various disorders are essential for clinicians around the world to be confident that they are classifying patients in the same way, thereby enabling comparisons of treatment regimens and their outcomes. There are two major classification systems in use, one produced by the World Health Organization, the WHO International Classification of Diseases, Mental Disorders Chapter, and one by the American Psychiatric Association, the well known Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Both of these are being revised so this book from the prestigious World Psychiatric Association is especially timely. In this book, leading experts in the field provide a broad and integrated coverage of the concepts, structure and context of psychiatric diagnosis. It begins by addressing mental health and illness around the world from historical, philosophical and cultural perspectives. Health is approached comprehensively, to include such aspects as resilience, resources and quality of life.The book then covers major specific psychopathology topics in Section II, including new categorizations and dimensional approaches. Section III concentrates on the complex problem of comorbidity, a primary challenge for modern diagnostic classifications in psychiatry. Finally, Section IV reviews emerging international diagnostic systems in psychiatry, considering innovative models and adaptations. This book will be essential reading for anyone involved in the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders.


List of contributors Preface SECTION I CONCEPTS OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND HEALTH ACROSS THE WORLD 1 Historical Roots of the Concept of Mental Illness Paul Hoff 2 Philosophical Perspectives on Health, Illness and Clinical Judgement in Psychiatry and Medicine Tim Thornton, KWM (Bill) Fulford and George Christodoulou 3 Culture and Mental Illness: Social Context and Explanatory Models Laurence J. Kirmayer and Dinesh Bhugra 4 Quality of Life in Illness and Health Heinz Katschnig, Raluca Sfetcu and Norman Sartorius 5 Recovery and Resilience Michaela Amering and Margit Schmolke 6 Positive Health and Health Promotion: The WPA Institutional Programme of Psychiatry for the Person in a European Public Health Olusegun Baiyewu 8 Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Wolfgang Gaebel and Jurgen Zielasek 9 Mood Disorders Marna S. Barrett and Michael E. Thase 10 Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Juan J. Lopez-Ibor, Jr and Maria Ines Lopez-Ibor 11 Substance-Use Disorders Christian Haasen, Nady el-Guebaly and Ihsan M. Salloum 12 Advances in Diagnosis and Classification of Sexual Disorders Ruben Hernandez Serrano, Antonio Pacheco Palha, Said Abdel Azim, Chiara Simonelli, Felipe Navarro Cremades and Aminta Parra 13 Personality Disorders Giles Newton-Howes and Peter Tyrer 14 Intellectual Disabilities Sally-Ann Cooper and Luis Salvador-Carulla 15 Specificities of Diagnosis and Classification in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Michel Botbol and Carlos E. Berganza 16 Classification in Infant and Child Psychiatry Sam Tyano and Lior Schapir 17 Peri-Natal Mental Disorders Ian Brockington, John Cox, Nicole Garret-Gloanec and Gisele Apter Denon 18 HEALTH 19 Conceptual and Methodological Considerations in Comorbidity Ihsan M. Salloum, Juan E. Mezzich and Sandra E. Cordoba 20 Mental and General Health Comorbidities in Persons Presenting in Primary Care Michael S. Klinkman and Linda Gask 21 Comorbidity, Positive Health, and Integration MODELS 22 The Validity of Psychiatric Diagnosis: Etiopathogenic and Clinical Approaches Kenneth F. Schaffner 23 The Overall Development of ICD-11 T. Bedirhan Ustun and Robert Jakobu 24 The Revision of ICD Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders Shekhar Saxena and Benedetto Saraceno 25 Experience with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and Preparations for the Future Michael B. First 26 Experience and Implications of the Latin American Guide for Psychiatric Diagnosis Angel Otero-Ojeda and Carlos E. Berganza 27 Chinese Classification and its Future Perspectives Yanfang Chen and Zhong Chen 28 Multiaxial Schemas for Psychiatric Diagnosis Claudio E. M. Banzato, Miguel Roberto Jorge and Marianne Kastrup 29 The Science of Well-Being and Comprehensive Diagnosis C. Robert Cloninger 30 Towards a Person-centred Integrative Diagnosis Juan E. Mezzich and Ihsan M. Salloum Index