The Puritan Origins of American Sex : Religion, Sexuality and National Identity in American Literature

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The Puritan Origins of American Sex : Religion, Sexuality and National Identity in American Literature

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Offering both historical and interdisciplinary breadth, charts Protestant influence on the American character from Cotton Mather to Kenneth Starr.

Full Description

From witch trials to pickaxe murderers, from brothels to convents, and from slavery to Toni Morrison's Paradise, these essays provide fascinating and provocative insights into our sexual and religious conventions and beliefs.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    vii
Foreword ix
Emory Elliott
Introduction: The Puritan Origins of American 1 (20)
Tracy Fessenden
Nicholas F. Radel
Magdalena J. Zaborowska
Wigglesworth, Mather Starr: Witch-Hunts and 21 (20)
General Wickedness in Public
Ed Ingebretsen
A Sodom Within: Historicizing Puritan 41 (15)
Homoerotics in the Diary of Michael
Nicholas F. Radel
``Remember Me'': The Wonders of an Invisible 56 (16)
World--Sex, Patriarchy, and Paranoia in Early
Boris Vejdovsky
Uncleanliness Is Next to Godliness: Sexuality 72 (21)
Salvation, and the Early American Woman's
Execution Narrative
Jodi Schorb
The Puritan Eyeball, or Sexing the 93 (16)
Renee L. Bergland
Ejaculating Tongues: Poe, Mather and the 109(18)
Jewish Penis
Gustavus Stadler
Now You Shall See How a Slave Was Made a Man: 127(18)
Gendering Frederick Douglass's Struggles with
Darryl Dickson-Carr
Enslaving Passions: White Male Sexuality and 145(24)
the Evasion of Race
Russ Castronovo
The Other Woman's Sphere: Nuns, Prostitutes, 169(22)
and the Medicalization of Middle-Class
Tracy Fessenden
Christian Maidens and Heathen Monks: 191(22)
Oratorical Seduction at the 1893 World's
Parliament of Religions
Carrie Tirado Bramen
Americanization of a ``Queer Fellow'': 213(22)
Performing Jewishness and Sexuality in
Abraham Cahan's The Rise of David Levinsky,
with a Footnote on the (Monica) Lewinsky'ed
Magdalena J. Zaborowska
Desert of the Heart: Jane Rule's Puritan 235(18)
Margaret Soenser Breen
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Gardner 253(20)
Robert A. Morace
``Down Here in Paradise'': Toni Morrison's 273(20)
Judith Wilt
Notes on Contributors 293(4)
Index 297