The Spiritual Heritage of India (Routledge Library Editions: Hinduism)

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The Spiritual Heritage of India (Routledge Library Editions: Hinduism)

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Full Description

This book, first published in 1962, is an analysis of the history of the philosophy of a country that has never distinguished philosophy from religion. Indian philosophy is not merely metaphysical speculation, but has its foundation in immediate perception. This insistence upon immediate perception rather than abstract reasoning is what distinguishes the Indian philosophy of religion from philosophy as Western nations know it.


1. The VedasUpanisads 4. The Auxiliary Scriptures 5. The Bhagavad-Gita 6. The Smrtis, the Puranas, the Tantras 7. Jainism 8. Buddhism 9. The Six Systems of Thought: General Remarks 10. Nyaya-Vaisesika 11. The Samkhya System 12. The Yoga System of Patanjali 13. The Purva Mimamsa 14. The Uttara Mimamsa or the Vedanta Sutras 15. Gaudapada 16. Samkara 17. Bhaskara 18. Yamuna 19. Ramanuja 20. Nimbarka 21. Madhwa 22. Vallabha 23. Sri Caitanya 24. Sri Ramakrsna 25. Epitome