The Original Memoirs of Charles G. Finney

The Original Memoirs of Charles G. Finney

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Full Description

In 1989, the first complete, restored text of revivalist Charles Finney's memoirs was published by Zondervan. Until then, all editions had reflected editorial liberties introduced in the first 19th-century publication, edited after Finney's death. The restored text-the culmination of over ten years of research by editors Garth Rosell and Richard Dupuis-brought to light Finney's entire memoirs in their original language. Longstanding omissions and inaccuracies were corrected. Comprehensive annotations supplied detailed, phrase-by-phrase and even word-by-word explanations.The 1989 edition was a scholar's and historian's delight. However, the average reader who simply wants to read what Finney wrote doesn't need the scholarly minutiae. This new edition provides the complete, restored text of Finney's memoirs with no unnecessary details to obstruct a straightforward read. In bold, untouched language, Finney's thoughts march across the page with fascinating clarity and cohesiveness. For students of revival or anyone interested in the life of one of America's foremost evangelists, here in his own words is Charles Finney: his life, his thoughts, his struggles and accomplishments, and his abiding love for God and enduring commitment to the gospel of Christ.

Table of Contents

        Illustrations                              ix
Introduction xi
My Birth and Early Education 1 (9)
My Conversion to Christ 10 (10)
I Begin My Work with Immediate Success 20 (13)
My First Doctrinal Controversy with My Pastor 33 (16)
and Other Events at Adams
I Commence Preaching as a Missionary 49 (9)
More Concerning the Revival and Its Results 58 (9)
Further Remarks upon Ministerial Education 67 (11)
Revival at Antwerp 78 (10)
Return to Evans' Mills 88 (6)
Revival at Gouverneur 94 (14)
Revival at De Kalb 108(8)
Revival at Western 116(13)
Revival at Rome 129(13)
Revival at Utica, New York 142(14)
Revival at Auburn in 1826 156(8)
Revival at Troy 164(21)
Revival in Stephentown 185(6)
Revival at Wilmington, Delaware 191(18)
Revival at Reading 209(14)
Revivals in Columbia and New York City 223(11)
Revival in Rochester, New York, 1830 234(19)
Another Revival at Auburn, New York 253(16)
Labors and Revivals in New York City in 1832 269(15)
and Onward
Early Labors in Oberlin 284(14)
Matters at Oberlin 298(14)
Another Great Revival at Rochester, New York, 312(11)
in 1842
Return to Oberlin and Labors There and Again 323(16)
in New York City and in Boston
Labors in Oberlin, in Michigan, etc 339(8)
Visit to England as an Evangelist in 1849 347(17)
Labors in the Tabernacle, Moor Fields, London 364(12)
Labors at Home Again and Elsewhere 376(14)
Labors in Oberlin, Western, and Rome 390(14)
Revival in Boston in 1856, `57, and `58 404(7)
Labors in England till 1860 411(10)
Revival Labors at Edinburgh and Aberdeen, 421(14)
Scotland, and in Bolton, England
Return to Oberlin and a Glorious Revival Here 435(14)
Index 449