Advances in Prostaglandin, Leukotriene and Other Bioactive Lipid Research : Basic Science and Clinical Applications (Advances in Experimental Medicine


Advances in Prostaglandin, Leukotriene and Other Bioactive Lipid Research : Basic Science and Clinical Applications (Advances in Experimental Medicine

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Topics: Covered include the role of leukotrienes and lipoxins in inflammation, the cytochrome P450 pathway, the genetics and genomics of bioactive lipids, lipid peroxidation, apoptosis, and more.

Full Description

th This volume contains selected lectures presented at the 12 International Conference on Advances in Prostaglandin, Leukotriene and Other Bioactive Lipid Research: Basic Science and Clinical Applications which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, on August 25-29, 2002. This meeting brought together basic and clinical scientists for the purpose of discussing advances in bioactive lipid research with.special attention to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory diseases. Topics covered included: the role of leukotrienes and lipoxins in of inflammation, the cytochrome P450 pathway, the genetics and genomics bioactive lipids, lipid peroxidation, apoptosis, angiogenesis, isoprostanes, receptors and inhibitors, cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase pathways and inhibitors, prostaglandin synthases and receptor signaling, phospholipases and inhibitors. Sessions included plenary lectures with expertise in particular areas, oral presentation on selected topics and general poster sessions. J.M. Drazen (Boston, USA) discussed anti-leukotriene treatment in asthma patients while C. Brink (paris, France) presented the recent advances in leukotriene receptors.
The recent advances in cytochrome p450 pathway described in the session organized by J.C. McGiff (Valhalla, NY, USA). T. Shimizu (Tokyo, Japan) and M. Balazy (Valhalla, NY, USA) gave an update on phospholipases and arachidonic acid peroxydation. The editors are greatful to the Organizing, Programme and Advisory Committees for their valuable contributions. We greatfully acknowledge the generous financial support provided by PharmaciaIPfizer, Fako Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Inc. ofthe contributors to this volume, in particular We are also greatful to all to those who delivered their manuscripts by or before the requested deadline.


Leukotrienes and Lipoxins: Inflammation and asthma.
1. Leukotrienes in Asthma; J.M. Drazen. 2. Leukotriene Receptors: State of the Art; C. Brink. LTC4 Production by Eosinophils in Asthmatic Subjects with Alternative Forms of Alox-5 Core Promoter; O. Kalayci, et al.
Cytochrome P450 Pathway.
9. Ther CYP P450 Arachidonate Monooxygenases: Enzymatic Relays for the Control of Kidney Function and Blood Pressure; J.H. Capdevila, et al. 10. Cytochrome 450 Pathway; J.H. Capdevila, et al. 10. Cytochrome P450-Derived Eicosanoids are Mediators of Ocular Surface Inflammation; M.L. Schwartzman, M.W. Dunn. 11. Regulation of Renal Microvascular 20-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acid (20-Hete) Levels; M.A. Carroll, et al.
Receptors and Inhibitors.
14. Thromboxane-Induced ERK Phosphorylation in Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells; C. Gallet, et al. 15. Arachidonic Acid Inhibits Cysteinyl-Leukotriene Receptor Activation in Human Pulmonary Vessels; L. Walch, et al.
Phospholipases and Inhibitors.
16. Cytosolic Phospholipase A2s. D.A. Wong, et al. 17. Cellular Arachidonate-Releasing Functions of Various Phospholipase A2s; M. Murakami, I. Kudo. 18. Biological Functions of Group X Secretory PLA2; K. Hanasaki, H. Arita.
Prostaglandin Synthases and Receptor Signaling.
20. Regulatory Functions of Prostaglandin E2 Synthases; I. Kudo, M. Murakami. 21. A Novel Type of Membrane-Associated Prostaglandin E Synthase; K. Watanabe, et al. 22. Expression, Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Human Microsomal PGE2 Synthase-1. M. Ouellet, et al.
Cyclooxygenase and Lipoxygenase Pathways and Inhibitors.
23. Formation of Prostaglandin E2, Leukotriene B4 and 8-Isoprostane in Alveolar Macrophages by Ultrafine Particles of Elemental Carbon; I. Beck-Speier, et al. 24. Effects of PGY2alpha Analogues in Experimental Morphine-Induced Pharmacodependence; M. Nechifor, et al. 25. Inhibition of Prostaglandin H2 Synthases by Salicylate is Dependent on the Oxidative State of the Enzymes; D.M. Aronoff, et al.
Genetics and Genomics.
29. Induction of Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression by Fluid Shear Stress in Vascular Endothelial Cells; H. Inoue, et al. 30. Induction of COX-2 Expression by the Endocannabinoid Derivative R(+)-Methanandamine; B. Hinz, et al. 31. Specific Gene Expression of Isoforms in Cyclooxygenase Pathway to Generate PGJ2 Derivatives during the Differentiation of 3t3-L1 Adipocytes; S. Lu, et al.
Lipid Peroxidation, Apoptosis and Fatty Acids.
36. Isomerization and Nitro-Oxidation of Arachidonic Acid by NO2; M. Balazy, J. López-Fernández. 37. Prostaglandin F2alpha Protected Cultured Madin-Darby Canine Kidney Cells from the Development of Apoptosis Induced by 12-O-Tetradecanoyl Phorbol-beta-Acetate and Stimulated Synergistically with Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid; K. Nishimura, et al. 38. LDL Receptor-Related Protein Plays an Essential Role in 12/15-Lipoxygenase-Mediated LDL Oxidation by Macrophages; W. Xu, et al.
Cardiovascular System.
41. Cyclooxygenase (COX) Function in the Ductus Arteriosus: Another Look; F. Coceani, et al.